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    Am I eating too much??! Help!

    I usually have about 2 eggs at breakfast, I'm not a big egg fan so that's a lot to me. I guess I'm probably not eating as much protein as I should be at breakfast. Thank you for your reply!! I usually ear breakfast at 7, then I'm hungry again by 11-12 and then again at about 5 so I'm guessing my portions are pretty on target because I never really snack during the day. I guess I'm just in disbelief that I'm satisfied and the food is delicious and I can actually eat this much compared to low carb and counting calories lol
  2. I am day 7 on my very first whole 30 and I am wondering if I am eating way too much fat, starch and if my portion sizes are way too big. I just need some help because I really want to succeed. I went into this thinking I hated most veggies but I have realized I actually love them and this has been life changing so far. My eating in a day: Black coffee, 2 eggs fried in olive or coconut oil(I cover the bottom of the pan) sometimes I add spinach to eggs, a potato hash(butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato) previously roasted and warmed up in same pan as eggs. These are always a very generous portion of the hash. Like very. Lunch: some kind of roasted veggies warmed in a pan with oil, roasted chicken with guac or dip Supper: a lot like lunch but maybe with some potato hash. I hardly ever snack maybe a banana at night. And I drink the water I need to. My servings of veggies are always well over half my plate but not sure if I'm eating too much starch (low carb diet recovery) Help!!!