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  1. Question for you... did you follow the reintroduction protocol after your 30 days were up?
  2. TracyP

    Cooking plantains

    Probably so.... What color was it before you peeled it.
  3. TracyP

    Cooking plantains

    Nico, if you want sticky sweet ripe ones, grilling them in the skin on low coals should turn out amazing. I would then serve with " coconut sour cream" heaven.
  4. TracyP

    Cooking plantains

    Green or ripe?
  5. TracyP

    Paleo Breakfast

    Good luck! I hope you discover new breakfast choices you love. I quite like stir-fried cauliflower rice for breakfast, also I've had salad with fried egg, but if egg is a no go poached chicken is quite nice. It's lite and really yummy. In particular in the hot summer here in Texas. Soup is another good option. Bone broth with veggies and diced chicken. Also pretty light. Just a few thoughts that might help.
  6. TracyP

    Recipes for Sunchokes and or Bolivian sunroot?

    Mario is the best. And the man is not afraid of fat, bless him! I love the simplicity of this.
  7. Yep... I'm with yeah... No wants to suffer... But there were some days, where I did! I came out to a great place though... Hopefully sjb, you will make it there too!
  8. I don't think so either, but having just finished my first whole 30 in January, I can say its not a walk in the park either... So, yes on day10 to be still struggling, is normal. Your body is detoxing and demanding back what you have taken away. Emotionally you are not sure what the day will bring because your body's hormones are adjusting to a healthier state. But on the way.... It fights you a bit. So, I would recommend the book. And or the daily email. Because it gives you a eye to the long game. The place where you feel more energetic than you have in ages, where your skin glows and your mood lifts. But before you get there? There might be some tough days... So hang in there and read up on what to expect. It helped me tremendously.
  9. TracyP

    Recipes for Sunchokes and or Bolivian sunroot?

    Try this :
  10. TracyP

    Vegetable & Fruit Storage

    A few tips in addition to the above 1. Tomatoes should not go in the fridge 2. Wash and dry (best in a salad spinner) all your leafy greens, then wrap in paper towel and put into a plastic bag 3. Potatoes winter squash and onions go in a cool dark place not the fridge 4. Keep onions and potatoes away from each other 5. Don't store garlic in the fridge 6. Frozen veggies rock, so get some of those for longer storage or bulk purchases
  11. I'm glad it made some difference anyway!
  12. TracyP

    Chefs: What could I substitute for onion?

    Terez: yeah I'd be nervous to try some of these things myself! Here us a bit more on the cippolini (sorry on the spelling! And ramps, which despite being called wild galic does in fact seem to be an onion! Sorry. :-(
  13. TracyP

    Chefs: What could I substitute for onion?

    Thanks to google i found the below Try: asafetida (Indian spice) but there are some folks that react similarly to it, even though it is not an allium. Just depends on the nature of your reaction I think... Also apparently super stinky before it is cooked Ginger, white pepper and oregano together Ramps (wild garlic shoots) Chippollis: not onions, but grape hyacinth bulbs... Oniony in flavor Grated radish Lovage (herb) Endive and fennel together
  14. TracyP

    Need recipes my hubby will like

    Check this blog out: her food is delicious! Not all Whole 30 compliant so be careful... But seriously good food! I love her fish taco bowl.
  15. TracyP

    What types if olives can I have?

    Kalamata olives are usually black... But are not the same as olives called "black olives" They look like this: