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    Starting tomorrow

    Hi Ladies, i have started today as well! It’s my second time and found that the forum really helped me stay on track. So yes! Let’s finish this! Here is to better health and tiger blood!
  2. Good morning and TGIF! Just wondering how everyone’s pants are fitting...mine seem quite tight for the amount that I’m not eating and what i have been eating since 8/6. Yes - i know this is more about losing weight - but Im not going to kid you all and say that wasn’t my main reason - because it is! ;)
  3. Happy 1 week anniversary 8/6ers! How did everyone do on their first weekend? I have to admit it was a bit hard to say no to cocktails after a long week of work. But, i did it and slept almost 10 hours on both Saturday and Sunday! Did anyone else sleep like this?
  4. I’m craving chocolate too or anything with sugar! Good for us for sticking to it. I’m just going to drink my Kombucha (Whole30 approved, of course) and call it a night! Good luck at your party - you can do it!
  5. Hi! I’m starting today myself and would love accountability partners as well! I look forward to our journey, fellow 8/6ers!