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  1. Aww hang in there, Emily! I know your “Tiger blood” moment is coming! This is my second round and I feel like everything happened earlier this time. I also knew exactly what I was in for, so I felt very prepared. But you’re doing fantastic and we’re over the halfway mark! It truly feels rewarding when you finish the program and I found after my first one that I didn’t want to revert back to my pre-whole30 lifestyle. The sugar cravings were gone and I felt like I was strong enough to treat myself each week without going overboard. But it probably took to the very end of my first round to feel that way. And I think no matter how you’re eating, everyone feels crappy that time of the month I know I do!
  2. Hi everyone! Anyone else feeling like the “tiger blood” is settling in?? Workouts this week were exceptionally strong and clothes are fitting looser. Have a family reunion to attend on Saturday but I’ll be going in prepared. Right now, cravings are in check but old habits die hard on the weekends when I usually “treat” myself. However, I’ve found that nitro cold brew coffee and ice cold Bubly in a wine glass have been two wonderful things that has kept my FOMO fever in check
  3. Hey everyone! Finally feeling a little less exhausted today on Day 4. Cravings are in check but I’m used to sticking to a whole30 lifestyle during the week. It’s the weekend when I usually allow myself to have a drink or a treat meals. I also have events the next 3 Saturday’s which will definitely require meal prepping before I go. It’s so true about FOMO on the whole30 and not letting yourself feel resentful of being left out of the fun. I was definitely guilty of that in my first round. Often times, fun involves good food and drinking, and this round I’m trying to focus on other ways to have a good time. For example, more intimate, quality time with the hubby during the week and purchasing some new clothes in sizes I haven’t been able to wear in the last 5 years after having two kids!
  4. Hi everyone! Also, kicked off my second whole30 today. I did my first one at the start of summer and felt like my body needed a reset after a mini vacation in upstate New York for a wedding. Lots of delicious food and lots of drinking. My body was feeling the effects of that, especially since I have been sticking to a whole30 lifestyle most of the time after completing the first round. I’m anticipating the lack of alcohol being the hardest for me, like the first whole30. I have two little ones and am used to enjoying a craft beer with my husband on the weekend to unwind. But I also know the Fall brings holidays and birthdays for my family and this is really my last chance to commit to the program until after the new year when things slow down again. Oh, and my good friend, after seeing my success with the program has started last week and this is a great way to support her along the way! So best of luck to everyone. We can do it!