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  1. Had the best dinner tonight! Chicken Shawarma with Tzatziki Sauce instead of the dressing the recipe used. Seriously SO good!!! Links below
  2. JenLeeWhipp

    So very, very hungry!

    Hey - I'm also a breastfeeding mama - my son is 6 months old so he nurses a lot still. I'm on my second whole30 and I'm definitely not an expert, but since I'm nursing my rule to myself was not to let myself get hungry since I'm still supplying my son with food too. My only advice would be to try to add more fat in there and to just eat if you're hungry. Here is an example day for me: Breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs with 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sautéed veggies and 1/3 to 1/2 avocado snack: rx bar or fruit with nut butter or guacamole with jicama, veggies or plantain chips Lunch: 1 can tuna with homemade mayo over a salad Dinner: chicken with lots of cooked veggies snack: apple with almond butter I also should note that I'm pretty active, working out 5-6 days per week and training for a half marathon in October. Hang in there! :)
  3. JenLeeWhipp

    Have been doing this for almost 4 months, now

    I did my first whole30 starting at the end of May and lasted 52 days and was really feeling great. I didn’t do the best job of reintroducing foods intentionally and individually, so even though I was eating pretty healthy after that, I felt like I should have done a better job of evaluating individual ingredients as I reintroduced them. I decided to just start over, so I just finished day 3 of my second round. I am planning to keep it up for as long as possible because it really made a difference in my energy levels which is amazing because I have 2 young kids and usually only get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
  4. I started my second round today! Did my first round in May/June but kind of missed the boat as far as reintroducing things properly, so feeling like I just want to start over. LOVE the energy it gave me and I felt like I didn’t miss the things I “wasn’t allowed” to have. Here we go!!!