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  1. Thanks, kirbz! I’d never heard of those, but they sound yummy! I’ll look them up. :-)
  2. Jothika

    Looking for sources of turkey bacon

    I also don’t eat beef or pork for religious reasons. I found a good turkey bacon at PCC Natural Markets. It’s just formed leg meat, no additives, and the animal is raised in a natural environment. I live in Western Washington. Do they have PCC in your area?
  3. This is my third day of the whole30. I have a real sweet tooth, so I bought some Larabars in case I was tempted by sweets when I was out of the house. I stuck one in my purse today and had it about an hour ago. I had turkey bacon with basil and grape tomatoes on grilled eggplant for breakfast and grilled chicken with vegetables for lunch. My energy level was doing fine until I had the Larabar, and then suddenly I just felt exhausted. I actually had to lay down on the couch in my office for half an hour. I think Larabar might have too much sugar for me. Is there another healthy, whole30 compliant bar that I can keep in my purse for between-meals snacks when I’m out of the house? Thanks!
  4. Hey, I just cooked my first whole 30 breakfast at home. I had read that some people slice eggplant and use that where they would normally have a piece of toast. So I roasted eggplant for a few minutes and then topped it with some basil leaves, some compliant turkey bacon, and grape tomatoes. But the eggplant slices are very disappointing; structurally, it’s a limp and does not support the toppings. Is there a special way to cook them to make them more stiff? Thanks!
  5. Jothika

    8/8 Starting my Whole30!

    Hi Emily, ladyshanny, thank you for the advice! I agree, I think I was being a little over ambitious about trying to do the whole 30 and start a vegetarian lifestyle at the same time. I will look at the vegetarian forum, however, to see if I can incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet during next 30 days. You guys are so nice, thank you for responding to my post! I am already happy with the changes I am seeing. Last night was the first night in many weeks that I didn’t need to take Tums when I lay down to go to sleep. I didn’t have any heartburn. I’m excited to see what other changes will happen in my body and my mind.
  6. Jothika

    Starting August 8

    I just started today, too! Good luck! :-)
  7. Jothika

    Starting our 3rd Round Monday, August 13th

    I started today! I also don’t eat beef or pork for religious reasons, and it’s making it a little difficult for me because apparently the chicken at Chipotle, where I had lunch, is not compliance.
  8. Jothika

    First Time Whole30 Participant

    Good luck to your daughter and you! I’m doing this for the first time, too.
  9. Jothika

    8/8 Starting my Whole30!

    Hi, I am excited to be here! I’ve always been leery of fad diets, but my prescriber recommended this to me when I told her that I wanted to go off meds for my chronic condition. Is anyone else starting today? Do you want to be buddies? I think the most difficult part of this for me will be taming my sweet tooth. (I already had some dried apricots after lunch.) I’m really interested in going vegetarian for animal welfare reasons, but haven’t had the willpower to see it through. If anyone else has been successful doing a vegetarian whole 30, I would love to hear any advice that you have! Thanks and good luck, everyone! :-)