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    Jothika got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Starting our 3rd Round Monday, August 13th   
    I started today!  I also don’t eat beef or pork for religious reasons, and it’s making it a little difficult for me because apparently the chicken at Chipotle, where I had lunch, is not compliance. 
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    Jothika reacted to kirbz in Good bar to carry in my purse besides Larabar?   
    Wild Zora meat and veggie bars! I like the BBQ or Curry Turkey flavors the best! They’re soft with a nice texture and taste delicious! Very nutritious too! And they don’t set of my sugar dragon! 
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    Jothika got a reaction from ____Emily____ in 8/8 Starting my Whole30!   
    Hi Emily, ladyshanny, thank you for the advice!  I agree, I think I was being a little over ambitious about trying to do the whole 30 and start a vegetarian lifestyle at the same time. I will look at the vegetarian forum, however, to see if I can incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet during next 30 days. 
     You guys are so nice, thank you for responding to my post! I am already happy with the changes I am seeing. Last night was the first night in many weeks that I didn’t need to take Tums when I lay down to go to sleep. I didn’t have any heartburn. I’m excited to see what other changes will happen in my body and my mind.
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    Jothika reacted to ladyshanny in 8/8 Starting my Whole30!   
    Hi @Jothika - we understand the desire to go animal free - however you are actually in a perfect position to delay that for 30 days + your reintroduction. Here's why. Some of the common vegetarian protein sources are those that we eliminate during a Whole30. This way your system is completely reset and you can reintroduce those items and see how they affect you going forward. If you will continue to be an omnivore during Whole30, you are in the best possible position to create the perfect vegetarian plan for you. 
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    Jothika reacted to ____Emily____ in 8/8 Starting my Whole30!   
    Hi @Jothika. There's a board for vegetarians doing Whole30 on this forum where you can go for advice. However, I'm not sure I would make that life change during Whole30 just because of the lack of compliant protein sources that aren't meat. Maybe you can spend this time focusing on buying ethically-sourced meats and seafood? Cage-free eggs, Free-range meats, fresh caught (not farmed) fish, etc... 
    Good luck on your Whole30!