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    Thickening Agents

    Hi all - so I've really struggled to find an appropriate thickening agent that is compliant. I've tried almond, coconut, and potato flour - I've tried them individually and I've tried to kinda mix and match them to work appropriately and (frankly) it just tics me off. All of them have either a flavor and/or texture that doesn't work. Or they just don't work period. I've not tried arrowroot or tapioca - but have heard that they are gelatinous - which I won't like either. I'm not a "replacements" person - cauliflower rice is not rice, spaghetti squash is not pasta, etc. When I say I want a thickening agent I want something that functionally will replace flour or corn starch. Is this an endeavor I should just give up on or does anyone know of a functional thickening agent? Thanks
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    Thickening Agents

    Thanks for the response. It's helpful. I don't have a specific recipe in mind - in general - gravy, stews, etc.