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  1. Yes good clarification! I definitely meant green beans. They're one of my favorite veggies so I eat them a lot. I tried to edit my post to reflect that but the edit option doesn't show up now!
  2. I have a hard time eating a full serving of eggs for breakfast. Finished the official Whole30 a couple of weeks ago so I know it isn't just that I can't trust my hunger signals. But for me, if I have 2 scrambled eggs with some coconut milk mixed in as a healthy fat, and a small amount of roasted veggies (kale, squash, broccoli, or beans, etc), that feels right for me. I could add in a piece or two of bacon, but any time I add in a 3rd or 4th egg I have to throw some away because I just want to throw up before I'm finished. All that to say - for some people, it might be better to plan a