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  1. I am a college student and usually eat whatever is free. Whether it be school meals or something quick I can eat between work, school, gym, sports etc. Especially those mass gainer calorie/protein shakes. I did great the first few days but ate over $100 of approved foods. I was maintaining my weight but not gaining any. Now I have no extra money and only access to foods that aren't approved. I have access to some approved things but not nearly enough. I felt great for the first few days but I can't afford the approved foods in the amounts I need. Should I give up for now?
  2. I want to eat healthier for so many reasons. I also have a hard time keeping on weight. I'm in my mid 20s and very active with school and work. I've been eating whole30 foods for two days. I'm extremely hungry. I've always been a big eater. I've eaten a lot of salad, eggs, veggies, some fruit, and chicken. I keep having intense cravings for snacks and junk foods. Any suggestions on what else I can eat so I can gain weight and still eat be within whole30 foods? I need a lot of food to maintain my weight and I don't have the biggest budget.