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  1. kfs1011

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    I had bypass - and the protein shakes/drinks i had were not full of sugar! I am planning to start WHOLE30 very soon and believe the portion sizes will be the most difficult - I know I have been eating things that I should not be eating and want this to "jump start" me back to where I need to be - I am 3 years out of RNY and have lost 80lbs and don't wanna go back!!!!
  2. I had RNY Bypass in October 2015 - Plan to start the Whole 30 on Sept 1 - I have found myself eating foods that I SHOULD NOT BE EATING and want get back on track by using the Whole30 plan. Wondering if others have done this
  3. My husband and I are planning to begin this adventure together on September 1. I am reading the "It Starts with Food" book and have received my Whole 30 Day to Day journal book and ordered one for him this morning! Gotta get the kitchen cleaned out and some fresh new shopping done!