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  1. piano88

    Ideas for acid/tomato free meals

    I have always relied on vinigars, lemon, and spices like paprika, chili powder, etc. to add punches of flavor to healthy meals, and now that I have to eliminate them, I am at a loss for flavoring agents to substitute. I can't use mustard either. That's basically my whole list of go to ingredients for throwing together a meal. It is hard to find a whole 30 recipe that doesn't depend on the above items for flavor. Now I am feeling really thankful that I got the ebooks from my library, rather then buying all the cookbooks.
  2. piano88

    Ideas for acid/tomato free meals

    I'm not avoiding other meats at all. I just don't have many interesting ideas for them. I am avoiding eggs due to a suspected sensitivity and night shades because many people who have inflammation caused by my particular health problems can't have them. Those are the first things I'll reintroduce so I know for sure if they affect me. Mashed avocado is a good idea. Thank you for all your suggestions!
  3. piano88

    Ideas for acid/tomato free meals

    Hello! Just after starting on Whole 30, I've found out that I may have interstitial cysticis, an inflammation of the bladder. The doctor wants me to cut out tomatoes, vinigar, citrus and spices like chili powder to see if that helps. I am already excluding night shades (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, tomotillos) and eggs. So my whole 30 just got even more restricted. I am on day 7, and at a loss for what else to make that isn't exactly what I ate last week-lots of herb roasted chicken. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Does anyone have ideas for dressing salads without vinagrettes, other then some olive oil?