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  1. GrammaNoodles

    Feeling under the weather.

    I am R1D27 and I am not getting out of this plan what I hoped too. I have generally followed a gluten free/ dairy free diet before starting this way of life. (Id say about 95% for both.) I started this diet to remove all of these things and then some, to feel better over all. As of this week , the heat has cooled off here in Minnesota. My asthma has been bad with the humidity all summer. I thought it would get better and it is not. The cooler weather brings on the aches and pains in my hands, this too has started. My sleeping, well If I can get 6 hours thats about it and I start to toss and turn about 4am. (going to bed between 9 and 10pm) I have still have these bouts of EXTREEM tiredness. At least 2 night a week, I can hardly pull my self home from work, to take a 2 hour nap, eat dinner and back to bed for the night by 8pm, sleeping thought the night till my alarm goes off at 630am. My depression is tough, not getting outside to prepare for winter. I have stranger danger type anxiety which makes me not want to do things with others. Sometimes not wanting to even just be outside. I still have brain fog most days. My clothes are not getting a lot looser, but my belly feels better, I do not feel so bloated, but all these other things I thought would clear up or get better have not. Im feeling so defeated... so mislead by this plan. I have not cheated, as hard as some days have been. Not even once! Not even a tasted! As I wanted to give this plan a true test. What am I doing wrong? where do I go from here?
  2. I did it! One week in and I feel pretty good. I have met a few challanges and triumphed! I think starting this on my vacation made the difference. I feel as though I had a great week with no interruptions for the most part. I was able to eat out with a friend and choose a good salad. I just asked for some lime slices to use as the dressing. It was good, it worked. Now Tuesday I start back to work and Im a bit worried about our candy cupboard there. I have veggies, nuts, apples and almond butter on my mind and have found them tasting really good. I hope I can keep these good snacks rolling at work too. I know that the afternoon brings my board hunger pains. These ideas will keep me strong. If anyone has good snack ideas for me that would be great. My job isn't one that I can just go for a walk or leave the area while I'm at work in. Im usually starving when I get home too. SO its good if I can snack at work in the last afternoon to keep me from eating bad as I get home. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. R1D7 and holding strong!
  3. I'm finding the closer I get to my start day August 25th, the more nervous I am to start. Is this usual? I dont want to fail and have been doing a lot of "home work" figuring out food that I think will help me in the month long journey. I am finding a lot of get ideas and menus which is super great, through Instagram and books. But my concern as I read the whole30 book, is all the side affects many people go through and it scares me. But I need to do this for me... for the healthy me!
  4. GrammaNoodles

    I need a healthier me!

    Thank you for all the helpful information. I'll check them out for sure. The sauses sound very good to me.
  5. GrammaNoodles

    I need a healthier me!

    I've had a tough couple months with high blood pressure and now high cholesterol. Im trying to decide if Whole30 is the change I need. Id like to start August 25 as I start my Stay-cation and would have time to do meal preps and usually not a "bad food muncher" when I am at home. I have no sence of taste or smell, I am 95% gluten free (cant resist a good Ruben) the thought of not eating kettle chip or creamer in my coffee, im just not sold. [I have tried alternative milks.(almond, coconut)] Is this something that I just need to take the leep, go for it ? Will I see its not as hard as all I read makes it sound? Seems there is a lot of planning and preparing to do. What can I do to make this change not so difficult for me? Thanks everyone in advance.