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    Tostados by Mombo

    Yes. Like a chip.. but why is it not approved?

    Tostados by Mombo

    I found a new treat that should be Whole30 approved! It’s just plantains, palm oil and salt. My only question is.. is there something I’m missing. Lol these are real good, and seem sinful? ☺️ Does anyone have feedback??

    Fruit juice

    I understand we can use fruit juice as a sweetener in small amounts. But curious, if it’s 100% apple cider why can we not have a glass to drink?
  4. Getting back to the gym this week, and the protein I use for my shakes is 2 gms sugar .. now I know that is not too much considering.. but does anyone have any other suggestions for shakes or meals high in protein? Or maybe a different protein powder? Love Feedback

    Doing great! Except..

    Yes, I am using salt.. and I do drink quit a bit, but no sure how much i will start paying closer attention to when they start.. and yes your right.. I’ll see my PCP if they continue.. thanks

    Doing great! Except..

    Whole 30 has been doing great for me, it’s a way life for me and I love it! I have been clean eating for the past two months now and I’m down almost 15 pounds. I don’t feel than I am depriving myself of anything. My only question and concern is I have noticed that I have been getting frequent headaches, they come and go. Any suggestions as to what this may be the cause of? I’m still clean eating and haven’t introduced any unhealthy foods as of yet. I do live in Florida it could be humidity allergies, maybe? But I’m not prone to those. Any suggestions?
  7. I’m an RN, and I realize there are reasons for me to be tired at times. I have finished whole 30 and decided to continue forward because I love the program. I was hoping I would be able to find more energy while on the program, but it seems I was tired before, tired during, and still tired ? Is there something I should be adding to my meals to help me with my energy levels, am I missing something?

    Fresh sausage

    Awesome! Good to know, thank you!

    Oatmeal as GF grain?

    What is gluten? Should I try to eat gluten free for better health?
  10. I’m excited for this next chapter, but now that I have been dong my body good by eating healthy, are there recommendations on how to continue to make good food choices for our bodies, without going back to refined grains.. for example.. it would be nice if we had an idea of how to continue choosing better food choices, that may not be whole30 approved, but it’s still a good choice for the body.. I hope I’m making sense lol..

    How Many Pieces of Fruit Can I Have Daily?

    Got it! Thank u.. small hill to climb for me since I lived on fruit, before whole30 ☺️ A small sacrifice, to limit my intake..

    Loving it !

    I started a month ago, and I have completed my 30 days, and decided to continue forward and make it my way of life! I feel great, don’t weigh anything, and no longer a slave to the scale. Freedom and health feels great! I have also lost 11 pounds in the process... if and when I choose to treat myself, I know that I can do it without guilt.. woopee!
  13. Wanted to know, that if I have oil and vinegar with my salad at lunch, am I over my limit of fats when I cook my dinner with olive oil as well?

    How Many Pieces of Fruit Can I Have Daily?

    If we eat more of the lower glycemic fruit, would it still be bad? Especially if it doesn’t bring out the sugar dragon..?

    Ok health-wise to eat 4 eggs per day?

    Why is the Omega inbalance bad for you?