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    We, as coaches, recommend eating foods, rather than drinking them.  However, I understand if you’re someone who works out, especially if it’s a high intensity workout, you need food! Whether you use it during or after the Whole30, Paleo Pro “Naked”, is 100% clean protein powder.  
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    Whole30 recommends eating actual food rather than shakes or powders or bars. So, for post-wo, you want protein and possibly starchy vegetables, like chicken or fish. There are lots of previous discussions on pre and post-workout food options -- Google whole30 post workout, or browse through the Whole30 for athletes section of the forum.
    If you absolutely must do some type of powder, remember that what you're looking for is added sugar or sweeteners in the ingredients list. The grams of sugar on the nutrition information panel doesnt matter for whole30 purposes.