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    Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3

    And to you too!
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    Brand New and Hoping to Start 9/3

    Hi! I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but am only really giving myself a few days to plan. That said, I have done drastic diet changes before to try to “clean up” my eating in the past. I just have found that there has too much bread and sugar in my diet these past few months, and it is time to make a commitment. Type 2 Diabetes runs in my family, and I need to work at staving this off, so I am pretty committed. I am not usually a “group” kind of person, but know that I will need support. I married into an Italian American family that is always having group events that center around eating. We have a lot of family events coming up, but if I wait any longer, I will find myself saying that again for October, and then we will be creeping up to the holidays. So, it’s now or never! Thanks for reading, if you have, and best of luck to everyone in all of their endeavors!