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  1. I have stage 4 hypertension so I take a very high daily dose of medicine to keep my blood pressure under control (for me it is usually about 140/85 when medicated). I have noticed my blood pressure is spiraling upwards since I have started this program. On days 4 and 5 I was in hypertensive crisis and almost had to go to the hospital. I am now on day 8 and it is closer to where I usually am but still a bit higher than usual. I really thought that cutting out all the processed food and drinking more water would result in my BP going DOWN, not up. Anyone experience this or know why it is happening? Thanks!!!
  2. Blair W


    Did you ever feel better or find something that helped? I am on day three and am experiencing exactly what you are describing.
  3. Thanks so much! I am definitely going to need support so I am so grateful for this community! I am happy to see you are so far into your 30 day journey, congrats on your journey so far and best of luck moving forward!!!
  4. Aw, thanks so much Nicole. This is my first time so I am super excited! Glad we are starting together, I agree about the dates matching the calendar lol. Best of luck! We can do this!!!
  5. Hi all, I am 30 years old, 210 pounds, and have VERY high blood pressure. I have recently starting getting high cholesterol and intense fatigue. I am have HORRIBLE eating habits and am hoping that by cleaning up my food intake, I will start to feel better and hopefully help my blood pressure. Weight loss would be a great win for me as well! Recent pic of me and my daughter attached :)