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    Blair W got a reaction from julieinCA in Well, 2018 has been sucky. Let's try to end it well.   
    I am so sorry for your loss. Grief can wreak havoc on the body so I think this could be really good for you, as long as you are emotionally ready. I found that the Whole30 process has been really stressful for me (I have an extremely unhealthy relationship to food and am very picky), so for me, I had to wait a bit longer to be ready to tackle the task. I spent 7 months of this last year visiting my dad in the ICU until he eventually died in April. Like you, we also saw him through amputations, heart attacks, and kidney failure during this time (he was on dialysis for years and was in ICU because he had a heart pump installed as a last ditch effort to give him enough time to get a heart and kidney transplant). Every person's journey with grief is different. For me, adding a diet in the immediate aftermath of his death would have been a guarantee fail. For others, it may provide a welcome distraction, not to mention the amazing health benefits. I encourage you to do what feels right for you. I am currently trying to encourage my mom to do the Whole30 since she has had a lot of physical distress since her husband died and I think resetting her body could help. Anyways, I wish you the best!
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    Blair W reacted to julieinCA in Well, 2018 has been sucky. Let's try to end it well.   
    Not to begin with a sob story but I've started and stopped numerous Whole30s this year but my stress level was at an all time high and led ultimately to an all time high of grief.  I spent 2018 watching my husband first get an amputation, then have 2 heart attacks and ultimately succumb to kidney failure on September 2nd.   I need to analyze why I am starting a Whole30 more in detail but I am definitely needing to clean toxins out of my body and regain a sense of who I am.  I was with him for sixteen years (married for 15) and I don't remember who I was before I met him.  We had an absolute blast together and I am so lucky to have had those years with him.  We were lucky we had THAT many years together.
    But now it's time for me to rediscover myself.  And I believe cleaning out my body will help me focus my brain better.  And, without my husband, it's a lot easier to ditch the grains.  :-/  I've also booked a trip to Yosemite during the week after Christmas.  I need to relearn how to travel by myself.  This is with a group of strangers (yikes) but later on I'll do solo travel.  But this is the first Christmas without him and I am off work.  That would make for some very long days.
    I'm also going to be selling our condo and heading back home to the Midwest where I was raised and where my sister still lives.
    So I am starting October 1.  The "whys" so far are:
    1) Clean out the toxins
    2) Mentally refocus
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    Blair W reacted to JenJen1986 in Jen's Whole 30 log   
    @Blair W wow we do have a lot in common!! Great to see another foster momma here! 
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    Blair W reacted to Unibok in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    HI Blair, the only one I have found is by D'artagnon, at a specialty store in town. I had no luck at Price Chopper and Hannaford's grocery stores, Trader Joes, or a specialty butcher shop. Here is the one I found in the store:
    Good luck with the hunt!
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in My First Whole30: yikes...(9.15.18 start)   
    You're doing great! And your pup looks super sweet
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    Blair W reacted to xx_firefly in Blair's Log   
    Oh gosh, I’m so sorry this has been a tough thing for you. At least you have 10 days left (you’re in the home stretch!! )At least there are some positive take aways for you?
    You can do it!
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    Blair W reacted to Unibok in Blair's Log   
    Wow, Blair, this whole30 experience has been such a mixed bag for you! I am so sorry to hear about your back pain and trip to the ER. Your body sounds like it is under so much stress. That makes your NSVs all the more remarkable: no cravings? amazing! 
    Veggies will help with your constipation for sure. I googled "Whole30 curry recipes" and a whole bunch of good looking options came up. They all have a sauce base of coconut milk, which provides that creaminess that you love, and the veggies/chicken/whatever are swimming in that yummy creamy goodness. You know you like sauces -- and this Whole30 experiment has confirmed that for you -- so curry seems like a perfect thing for you to cook! For now, you might even double the amount of veggies to try to get more to help with the constipation: carrots, cabbage, onion, broccoli, whatever is on sale or whatever looks good to you. 
    I really like making curries because they are one-dish meals on the stovetop. Basically, put the stuff in and let it simmer while you do the other million things you need to do. If you try it, I'd love to hear how it goes.
    Hugs to you,
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    Blair W reacted to Unibok in Blair's Log   
    Congrats on sticking with it through some pretty rough patches, Blair. It is amazing how much better the next few days go after a good round of grocery shopping and planning. 
    Are there any of compliant foods that you do like? I'm just so worried that you aren't eating enough, especially if you are also going to the gym and working out. Spin classes are so intense, and require so much energy and rejuvenation. Let me know if there are any foods you've liked on this plan, and I'll think about other things you can do with them.
    Sending you hugs from afar,
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    Day 13:
    Meal 1: turkey slices with salsa 
    Meal 2: Asian Garlic Spaghetti Squash and turkey with guacamole
    Meal 3: White Chicken Chili
    Snack: 6 pieces of Watermelon
    Water: 90 oz
    Insights: It's going pretty well. I am just so tired of food that doesn't taste good
    I will be going camping for the next three days so I won't be able to log my entries until I get back.
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    Day 12:
    Meal 1: Life was so hectic today I simply didn't get a chance to eat breakfast
    Meal 2: The day was still very hectic and I was out running errands so I grabbed a Bolthouse Leafy Greens drink and ate a leftover chicken strip
    Meal 3: Asian Garlic Spaghetti Squash Noodles and some turkey
    Snack: 2 pieces of watermelon
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today was a crazy day and I barely ate anything but it was also my first day without cravings so that was nice lol. My cravings really haven't been the hardest part of this program, which really surprises me. I actually think that I crave and think about junk food LESS now that I am on the program. Daydreaming about dessert was a big pastime of mine before and now I don't really think about it at all (unless someone is literally eating theirs in front of me). It is all of the cooking, meal planning etc that is harder than I expected. Also, I never realized how little I like meat and veggies. Turns out, I just like the BBQ sauce, ketchup, cheese, and butter that I put on those things. I used to love making asparagus and brussel sprouts and eating Ceaser salads, but it turns out, I only liked those things for the parmesan on top lol. 
    By the way, I have to admit I am TERRIFIED I am going to break my Whole30 on accident. I have not put my daughter on the program (because she is in Preschool and there is no way I can regulate what they give her for snacks and it is just too hard to pack her a lunch that is compliant) so I will be making her a sandwich or oatmeal or whatever and out of pure habit get the urge to lick my fingers. I have not done it yet, but am terrified I will because it is just one of those things that you do without really thinking. The other day, we were running late for school so I stopped by the donut store and bought her some donut holes. We usually share a dozen so again, out of pure habit, I almost popped one in my mouth. It's not even that it sounded good, it is just a habit thing, Haha, anyways, hopefully that doesn't happen. I would be devastated if I had to start over because I licked some PB&J off my finger lol
    NSVs: No heartburn last night
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    Blair W got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Blair's Log   
    Thank you for the great breakfast suggestions! I googled some soup recipes after this and found some that look good. I also tried spaghetti squash for the first time, it's actually quite tasty! Thanks again!!!
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    Day 11:
    Meal 1: 1 scrambled egg
    Meal 2: filet mignon and potatoes, carrots, and snap peas
    Meal 3: Bare chicken strips and potatoes
    No Snacks
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: I had heartburn again today so that was interesting, I am now trying to figure what exactly causes it for me. I have also been constipated this whole 11 days so far and I am assuming it is because I am not getting enough leafy greens. Sadly, I hate vinegar in all it's forms so all of the Whole 30 salad dressings are out for me so no salads. My pickiness is definitely making this diet hard because I am eating the same food over and over and getting sick of it. I am optimistic I will make it through the 30 days, but fear I will binge when it's over because I will be so sick of this food. I am also a little bummed that at this point, I can't see any positive changes in my body. I am really struggling with fatigue every day. So far, I definitely feel worse on the program than I did before the program. I am hoping this is temporary and I start to feel better soon.
    No NSVs
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 9:
    Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs with turkey and guacamole
    Meal 2: Chicken red curry with zucchini, carrots, and onions
    Meal 3: Filet mignon and snap peas, potatoes, and carrots 
    No Snacks
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today wasn't too bad. We had dinner at my in-laws and I found myself highly craving dessert after dinner (a common ritual over there), but I made it through by just distracting myself.
    NSV: One thing that has made me very happy so far is seeing my 4 year old daughter take such interest in eating healthy. She sees me making good choices and is starting to understand the importance of everyone eating healthy (I have always been good about making her eat healthy, I have not held myself to the same standards though. I would sneak junk food and desserts while she was sleeping daily).  Also, still no heartburn
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 10:
    Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs
    Meal 2: apple (work ran late and I had no other option)
    Meal 3: Chicken vindaloo and steamed broccoli
    Water: 90 oz (my first day running behind on water because work ran late)
    No snacks
    Insights: Yesterday was easy, I didn't get too hungry or experience much craving. Last night was a rough nights sleep (which is rare for me). I kept waking up wide awake. I also experienced heartburn for the first time on this diet so I am not sure what caused it. My energy lately is at an all time low, I am hoping my body starts burning the fat for energy because I am just so tapped out every day.
    NSV: none right now
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 8:
    Meal 1: homestyle Sweet potatoes, bell pepper, and onion and 4 strips of bacon
    Meal 2: shredded pork and steamed cauliflower and carrots
    Meal 3: Chicken red curry (with carrots, zuchini, and onions)
    Snack: apple
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today was easier, my motivation returned. I am not quite as motivated as before but much better than yesterday. I am just so sick and tired of cooking/shopping. I am a picky person who does not like to eat the same meal more than once or twice so meal prepping large batches does not work for me. This means I am cooking three times a day and this kind of work just isn't sustainable for my lifestyle (work from home mom of a toddler who also does foster care). I am really hoping to make it to the end of the thirty days but am fearful I might binge once it is over. I will definitely be continuing to utilize this website as a source of support to try to stay strong! Thanks all!!!
    NSV: still no heartburn and my hands seem less swollen than usual.
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 7:
    Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs and an orange
    Meal 2: Coconut Curry Chicken and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots
    Meal 3: Chicken and apple salad
    Snack: Banana
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today I was ready to quit. I have really been struggling with cooking so much and having a hard time finding recipes that are compliant (that I like). I don't really care for meat and veggies as a whole so eating so much of them is really making me sick of them. I just didn't want to have to eat yet another nauseating meal of meat and veggies. My husband convinced me to stay on program so I made it through the night but I do not know if I will make it through the weekend. My anxiety is increasing with every meal, dreading the next mealtime. I was trying to find a thread on here about support for people who are contemplating quitting, but I couldn't find one.
    NSV: Still no heartburn
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 4:
    Meal 1: 1 scrambled egg with sausage and guacamole
    Meal 2: Rotisserie chicken and watermelon
    Meal 3: chicken fajitas (minus the tortilla obviously)
    Snack: 4 pistachios
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today was my birthday so it was especially hard to not celebrate around food. I know my meals are not anywhere close to the meal template, but especially today, I just didn't want to have to stress about finding recipes for veggies, then cooking. The nausea is gone today and I have more energy so that was nice. Today was my first day struggling with cravings, mostly because I was hanging out with my mom who was able to indulge in the things I cannot. 
    NSVs: I have not had heartburn since this started, and I used to have it one to two times a night. I have also noticed my acne is clearing up.
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    Day 3
    Meal 1: 1 scrambled egg with salsa and 1/2 sausage link
    Meal 2: two rotisserie chicken legs and a few pieces of watermelon
    Snack: banana
    Meal 3: Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Today was very hard because I felt incredibly nauseous all day. It was extremely challenging to gag down breakfast when every bite made me more nauseous. Lunch and dinner both made me feel better when I ate them. I think my body is having a hard time re-regulating which is causing the nausea (I definitely don't think I am sick). I also experienced a LOT of fatigue today, but I just gave myself the freedom to take it easy and that helped. I am optimistic that I will feel better as my body adjusts to my new way of eating. I am also having a hard time eating enough vegetables, so I need to work on some meal plans that will incorporate more veggies.
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 2:
    1 Cup green tea
    Meal 1: 1 egg w/salsa and 1/2 sausage link
    Meal 2: 1 egg w/salsa and 1/2 sausage link and 1/3 potato with clarified butter
    Meal 3: Mexican tuna wrapped in lettuce with side of raw baby carrots
    Snacks: handful of pistachios, handful of apple chips, handful of raw baby carrots
    Insights: I still can't believe how difficult giving up dairy has been, and how easy giving up sugar has been. I would have thought my sugar cravings would be the hardest part of all this, but so far, that has been the easiest thing to deal. Meal planning and missing cheese have been my hardest challenges so far. 
    NSV: Since I started this, I have not had heartburn (which I used to get 1-2 times a day)
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    Blair W got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Blair's Log   
    Day 1
    Coffee: 1 cup black
    Meal 1: 2 eggs scrambled with onion and cilantro
    Meal 2: 1 egg scrambled with onion and cilantro, with a banana
    Snack: 6 baby carrots
    Meal 3: 4 oz New York Steak with shallot/garlic topping, 1/3 potato with clarified butter and salt, baked asparagus w/garlic
    Water: 100 oz
    Insights: Day one was harder than I anticipated only because the meal planning/shopping took longer than expected so I didn't finish until 2:30 and was starving at that point so I was stressed about trying to find something quick and easy. The water intake was easier than I thought it would be: I am chronically dehydrated because I hate water and usually only drink about 16 oz a day but for some reason, I was thirsty today so it wasn't too bad. I had my coffee black for the first time so that was interesting, turns out, I don't really like coffee haha.
    Goals: My starting weight is 210 pounds so I would love to lose some weight, but more importantly, I would love to lower my blood pressure. I have quadrupled my dosage over the past 4 years so I would love to get to a point of lowering it to my starting dose (or eliminating it all together but I don't know if that is possible). I would also like to have more energy, I feel so sluggish lately. I get heartburn every night so if eating healthier fixes that it would definitely be a happy side effect
    Fears: Meal planning is harder than I expected. My whole life, I have always had cereal for breakfast and instant lunches so the only meal I ever had to plan was dinner. Even that was often not done which is why we would eat out way too much. Also, I am surprised at how much I am struggling with removing dairy. I thought desserts and pastas/bread would be my biggest craving/hardship but so far, that was easy. I just want some darn CHEEEEEEEEEESE.  
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    Blair W got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Blair's Log   
    Thank you for the great breakfast suggestions! I googled some soup recipes after this and found some that look good. I also tried spaghetti squash for the first time, it's actually quite tasty! Thanks again!!!
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    Blair W got a reaction from Unibok in Blair's Log   
    You've got some great techniques, I am sure you are going to do great on this program! I like the way you said "prescribe" myself more food, that is definitely the way to put it lol. I hope your energy levels balance out so you can get some good sleep
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    Blair W reacted to Unibok in Blair's Log   
    Aw, thanks for asking. Luckily, I do love vegetables, so that helps. Lol. So far I am noticing that my face looks thinner -- which is a great sign. It's always the first place I lose weight, so I'm looking forward to seeing changes in other parts of my body during the coming weeks. My energy has been much higher than usual, but the downside is that it may be a bit too high, so I'm not sleeping well. Eventually that has to catch up with me, right?
    I don't know if this will work for you, but it looks to me like you have a very active life with a toddler, fostering, and a job. Your fatigue might be because you aren't eating enough to fuel yourself through all of that. I realize you may not want to eat more when you think the food is gross, but you might want to "prescribe" yourself more food as medicine to get you through the day. For fats, are you okay with avocados? If so, eat 1/2 of one, either sliced or mixed into a mini guacamole -- even for breakfast. Avocado and nut butters are my go-to fats so far. Sliced apples with nut butter is a pretty tasty snack or side dish.
    Like you, I can't bear the thought of meat for breakfast, but have always loved a veggie and egg scramble. For Whole30, I'm just upping the amount of eggs. So far I'm only up to 2, and I think that might not be enough. As you said, we're building new habits and getting used to new tastes. I'll get there.
    And so will you!
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    Blair W reacted to SugarcubeOD in Blair's Log   
    I totally get that - not wanting to eat savory foods in the morning is a very common problem.  It stems from the hormones coritsol and leptin being out of whack... that hormone imbalance is also responsible for '2nd wind' at night and the urge to snack and roam through the pantry.  The way to fix it, unfortunately for those that have the problem, is to eat a savory template breakfast within an hour of waking.  Harder than it sounds, I know.  What we suggest is plating up a template breakfast, eating from it as much as you are able within an hour of waking and then wrapping up the rest and eating from it again as soon as you feel able to keep it down (don't wait for your next meal time).  It seems counter-intuitive but it's how you get your hormones doing the right thing for you at the right time of the day... indicating its wake up time by eating a proper breakfast.
    You can try veggie and protein loaded soups or even breakfast salads - you don't need to have eggs, sausage and bacon - any food that you eat at any other time of the day works.  When I was going through this, I'd have chicken salad on spagetti squash or a breakfast salad or a soup with chopped up protein (one fave around here is Well Fed Silky Gingered soup with chopped up chicken breast... ).  Try and think outside the box a little bit when it comes to breakfast and that might help!
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    Blair W reacted to bravenewgirl in day 3 and I want to claw my eyeballs out   
    Thank you for your responses - they are helpful!!  Thank goodness today was a better day.  MUCH BETTER!  wow I am grateful; yesterday was kinda scary...anyway, I know there are more rocky days to come, I just wasn't prepared for that whopper so soon into it.  I am pretty sure I have issues with FODMAPS, I have those symptoms you referred to and more (YAY!!) on a regular (no pun intended) basis.  Last night in an act of desperation I ate a pint of blueberries and a whole carton (one of those small ones) of blackberries.  They are both included on the FODMAPS -approved list, but I'm sure not in those quantities in one sitting.  Today I felt the effects = bloating, swelling in my feet and ankles and body pains, headache, etc.  Believe it or not, these symptoms had subsided significantly in just 2 days on the Whole30 without eating FODMAPS as well.  Now I have decided to go back to the FODMAPS plan, but I have been eating sweet potatoes like crazy.  Like 2-3 per day.  I know this is not ok either.  I understand the concept of changing my relationship with food, but I have to say this is not going to happen overnight.  I am still in 'sugar-addiction mode'!  Thank you for the suggestion of writing the reasons I started this program; this is very helpful too!!