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    I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!
    My name is Shannon, and I started my Whole30 journey (the first of many to come) on Sept. 1.
    I have always been overweight/obese for my size, and after trying some reset diets, I figured I would do the Whole30 for many a reason....the main one being making good food choices and finding out what doesn't work with my body.
    Can't wait to get involved and meet you other lovely people!
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    SoExcitedAboutThis reacted to Readyfor30! in Newbie, starting Sept 3!   
    I'm a newbie to Whole30 but have been preparing for a couple of months. I am starting on Sept 3 and my husband is joining me! A little nervous, but also excited to see what this new lifestyle change will bring! I'm putting this out there for accountability! I'm 55, and I know a lot of people in my age bracket will say gaining weight, body pains/aches, lack of energy is all a part of getting older.... but I defy that! I want to be healthy and feel great!  Thanks!