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    (Over)sensitivity after whole 30?

    I just want to share my experience from 2012. In 2012 my eldest and I tried raw food for a week. After a couple of days I had so much energy it was amazing. Then on the eighth day in the evening I had 3 chocolate chip cookies. My nose started running, I was sneezing, I was blocked up. There was the horror of thinking maybe it is the chocolate. Anyway it worked out that it was the gluten. My homeopath always said if you can't leave something alone, it is probably something you shouldn't be having. There could be a packet of biscuits in the cupboard, which was fine, but once opened I would keep eating until they were all gone. I have always had reactions to dogs, cats, hayfever and dust. In the evenings I would get a blocked nose and people would ask me if I was coming down with a cold. It was affecting my quality of life, so I went to see my doctor about it. The doctor wanted to prescribe some nose drops, which when I asked I would have to take for the rest of my life, so I went to see my homeopath. After some remedies it was a lot better, but still there. After cutting out the gluten the blocked nose in the evenings went away, but also the reaction to dogs, cats and dust disappeared. I am not sure about the hayfever, but if I am experiencing hayfever in the summer it is not bad. I wished I had know that I had a problem with gluten about forty years ago. I can tolerant a small amount of gluten, as in I will buy normal oats, but only have a small amount and not very often. I can tolerate food that does not contain gluten, but has been prepared in a gluten environment/factory. I have been known to eat doughnuts when I have a head cold, as I am blocked up and my nose is running anyway, but I don't even do that now as I can't taste it because I am blocked up with the cold It is very hard to suddenly not have something and I have to say it took until about 2016 for me just to say no to anything with gluten. My child said to me that it is like the gluten intolerance was making my body work overtime, then dogs or cats was too much and that is why I got such an immediate, violent reaction to them. I suppose it really does come down to 'is it worth it?'
  2. Thank you, I shall buy some passata and tomato puree tomorrow.
  3. I am thinking of making this ketchup recipe to add a further condiment to my arsenal. So my question is what is the UK equivalent for tomato paste and tomato sauce? Thank you for your responses in advance.