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  1. boobeary

    Start Date January 27, 2013 (today)

    Any January 27 starters still with me? I can see the end in sight, and I really don't want to change the core of my eating habits after this ends. I have loved what I've prepared at home, but I do need to incorporate some new recipes and cut down on some food prep. I find it easier to avoid social situations or eating out on this plan--I had to forego a birthday dinner since it was at an Asian restaurant with limited English speakers. It was just too risky to chance it. But I am getting used to being around people without drinking. The best part of this plan is the sleep. The awesome, deep sleep. I find that I'm not getting up as early as I expected--the sleep is just delicious. I'm making sure to run, walk, do kettlebells more frequently, limit tv watching and turn off screens one hour before bed. I hear red wine calling to me when I get home on a cold, rainy night. I throw a hissy fit, get out my wine glass, and fill it with La Croix seltzer. Eventually, it passes. If anyone's still around, please check in!
  2. boobeary

    Uhmmm... I just binged on chocolate :(

    Magda-- I so admire your courage in posting after the Chocolate Bath! (And the Sex in the City episode is hilarious. Miranda throws away a chocolate cake, and then begins eating it out of the trash bin. She calls Carrie and says she needs to be checked in to the Betty Crocker clinic). I am on my first whole 30, day 20, and my sugar dragon is red wine. I realize my addiction was more emotional and I've somehow made it past cravings when I originally pictured myself losing it and turning in to the lead character from Sideways who ends up drinking out of the spit container at a fancy wine tasting. I'm not craving it as much now. Since I can't have any other sugar, I'm now dreaming of peanut butter cookies, the kind I used to make when I was a kid, with the fork imprints. And also the girlscout cookie, TagAlongs, the peanut butter cake covered in chocolate. Oh my, this probably isn't helping. Back to my original point. Kudos for fessing up and starting over. You can do this. See ya on the other side!
  3. boobeary

    Introduction and Diary for the next 30 days

    Deblang- I think the cheese might be the disqualifier, not the bacon. Unless I'm missing something important.
  4. boobeary

    Rescue my mayo

    I just wanted to thank everyone's suggestions. I attempted my first mayo this afternoon following a basic paleo mayo recipe from (lemon juice, organic mustard, cayenne and light olive oil with the eggs). I tried in the blender adding just a bit of olive oil. Nothing seemed to be happening then I read a NY TImes article about adding a teaspoon of water to the yolks before the water. I tried again doing this and tried using a whisk. It seemed to be going nowhere again, but I didn't let myself add to much more oil. I looked at these comments on the forum, added a yolk to the blender, added my mixture, and continued adding the oil very slowly. It ended up with the most amazing, creamiest mayo I've tasted! I don't know if I waited long enough to stir the first time so maybe it would have turned out? But just want to thank the forum for seeing me through this. DAMN, it's good.
  5. boobeary

    Start Date January 27, 2013 (today)

    Start of Day 8. I'm feeling good--I've learned how to minimize the headaches by eating more fat in the morning and adding starchy veg mid day. I've planned my menu for the week. I thought the company lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant would be difficult but in fact, the seared tuna salad I ordered, without the soy/citrus dressing and with my own balsamic vinegar/oil, was absolutely delicious. My colleagues who had ordered pho and rice dishes with eggrolls, were looking at my plate with envy. Yesterday was a success. I had to take part in a social running event that revolves around drinking beer after the run I drank seltzer and fielded questions about what I was doing. It was hard at some points, but I made sure that I had eaten properly and had some plaintains and carrots on hand for snacking. I did feel a bit cranky at points but I think it was more about being around some intoxicated people that annoy me less when I'm intoxicated. I knew I had committed to doing this before the Whole30 so I was prepared mentally, and many friends are being supportive and impressed by abstaining from the booze. I'm following the prompts that I read in the daily emails, and reviewing my goals. For the first week, I have not yet made it to the gym, but I have been walking at least 30 minutes a day and done kettlebells twice. My goal for the week is to kickstart my workouts. For all other January 27 starters, I hope all is going well. I'll see you on the other side
  6. boobeary

    Start Date January 27, 2013 (today)

    Checking in at the start of Day 4-- I am glad to have read the "timeline" post because otherwise, I'd be surprised that I'm feeling hungover after not drinking for three days! I am feeling fatigued--almost took a nap yesterday at work. I have yet to experience hunger or cravings--I still feel in a bit of a fog with a slight headache. I had been eating mostly paleo for several months before starting this--and have never been addicted to sweets, fast food, diet colas. What I realize is how much the wine has affected me! My friend who introduced me to Paleo agreed to abstain from drinking these 30 days with me, and she texted me yesterday, saying "Why do I feel hungover?" Now I realize how much we are detoxing! I am going to a company lunch today and have checked the menu for a safe dish. If they can remove the dressing, I will be okay. I am bringing my own balsamic vinegar/oil for the dish. Yes-I have become "that person.", Thankfully, I discoverd a co-worker is doing her second whole 30 and she will be finished this week. She has been very encouraging. I have a social event, planned long ago, for this weekend, and it's going to be difficult, as a lot of it involves drinking. But I've prepared myself. I will check in at the end. I've already planned a sober Superbowl Sunday with paleo chili--not going to the party I originally signed up for. Will be a bit too much temptation at this point.
  7. Hello, everyone. My name is Betsy and I'm starting today. I've been eating mostly paleo for several months and love the food but I have yet to break some bad habits around tv/computer use and my nemesis, red wine. I've told friends/family and some are joining me in abstaining from the booze.I love the food I eat on paleo but allow way too many cheats so I'm ready to do this. Either way, I'm happy to be here. Oh, and I effin love popcorn. Popped on the stove in olive oil. That's gonna really hurt. Thanks for being here, whole30 folks! I'm gonna need ya.