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  1. xx_firefly

    Everything is worth it today

    This is almost exactly how I was today! There were donuts @ my work today, and I felt like it was worth it to eat a small container of glazed donut holes. The thing is, this might turn into a slippery slope, but I will try not to let that happen.
  2. xx_firefly

    Lavva plant based yogurt

    Thanks! I'm actually not a huge yogurt fan at all. I actually had a strawberry one along with a breakfast of eggs & bacon yesterday. I only really use yogurt (at all) either when I just want a sweeter breakfast (which is not that often) or for greek tzatziki.
  3. xx_firefly

    Lavva plant based yogurt

    Since I didn't see anything about this product, I'll go ahead and ask. Yesterday I found this yogurt at Whole Foods. It says 'no added sugar' right on the label and the ingredients don't list sugar (which is my main concern with alternative yogurts). I just wanted to see if this is a good yogurt for W30 before I figuratively go buy 10 and rejoice. Here's the website. https://lovvelavva.com/