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    Lavva plant based yogurt

    Since I didn't see anything about this product, I'll go ahead and ask. Yesterday I found this yogurt at Whole Foods. It says 'no added sugar' right on the label and the ingredients don't list sugar (which is my main concern with alternative yogurts). I just wanted to see if this is a good yogurt for W30 before I figuratively go buy 10 and rejoice. Here's the website. https://lovvelavva.com/
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    Everything is worth it today

    This is almost exactly how I was today! There were donuts @ my work today, and I felt like it was worth it to eat a small container of glazed donut holes. The thing is, this might turn into a slippery slope, but I will try not to let that happen.
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    Picky eater

    All I can say is wow.....that is one heck of a story...... Anywho (just my two cents), have you gone over the (compliant) foods and base meals off of that? With the power of something like google, I'm sure you can do things like "tomato & spinach whole30 recipes" (for example) and find a lot of recipes. I wish you two well on your journey!
  4. I'd just figure I'd go ahead and start this because I'm here now!
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    Firefly's Reintroduction Log (and stuff)

    Hello! Here with a final update on soy/legumes... ..... .............. ...... and I got nothing. There was no noticeable enough effects for me to say 'maybe I should really really limit this'. Thus concludes my 2nd attempt at a Whole 30! This time, I did it, and I saw it through! As far as goals, I never really thought about that during this experience. I just focused on the challenge at hand, and I saw it through. (But as a shining point, I did go down to under 170, which is something I haven't been near to in a long long long time). Finally, I will be back one day to complete another Whole 30 and to really try & break down foods that might give me trouble. (I might stop by this forum again if I stray too far away from the healthy 'food freedom' path). Until next time
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    It's either Dairy or something else.

    Thanks for the insight @SchrodingersCat. This is the only time (that I remember) this ever has happened. This will be something I will keep an eye out for in the future. If anyone else has any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate it!
  7. So on the 12th (Tuesday), I reintroduced dairy back into my system. Everything pretty much went as expected except for one thing. During the evening, I was getting a sensation like I was floating when walking around at work. I don't think it was vertigo (because I didn't feel myself tipping over anywhere or walking in zig-zags and such). This really came out of left field, and I just wanted to know if dairy could do something like this, or if not eating enough & close to the template would do something like this. Below is what I had for the day. Pre-workout (8:15-8:30 AM): 1 banana, apple slices, guacamole (w/ sour cream powder) Brunch (around 11AM): Omelet w/ cheese + hot sauce & salsa Snack (4PM): Parm Crisps & the rest of the guacamole from above around 6PM or so is when I started feeling the light-headedness/floating things. Dinner (7:15-7:30PM): turkey cauliflower rice w/ aminos & sesame oil, kimchi, kim by the time I finished dinner, the symptoms went away.
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    Firefly's Reintroduction Log (and stuff)

    Hello again! I'm back for an update with dairy.....and woah baby, this was a much wilder ride than gluten. So, for my dairy day, I had these things Guacamole (from a mix which had sour cream powder.......I love this stuff) Omelet w/ cheese Parmesan Crisps And day of, I did notice some stomach discomfort & gurgling, which I honestly expected, since I don't eat dairy like it's my life. (To note: I've never liked milk and haven't drank it for years.....I use almond milk). Also, disclaimer: I'm sorry if what I'm about to say will gross you out, but it is some things that I've noticed. About 2 1/2 hours after first food consumption (which was guacamole + 1 banana & apple), I had a BM. They usually don't come that quick. Afterwards, I had a 2 egg omelet w/ cheese in the middle. I do like those occasionally, but just a few hours after eating it.....I HAD MAJOR STOMACH PAINS, BLOATING & GAS!!! This definitely threw me for a loop because I (obviously) wasn't expecting THIS much of a reaction. Making matters worse, I went through this as I was at my job. Something else that I noticed during the evening (before my dinner) was that I was feeling....vertigo(?). I had that bit of dizziness feeling + I'm floating (as I'm walking), but that did go away. Day after, I noticed only a few things. 1. I had stomach trouble after eating my breakfast. 2. I had not 1, but 2 BM's, both in the morning. One was regular, and one was loose. 3. After all of that, I just felt hungry..... That's pretty much it as far as dairy goes. Now, onto soy & legumes.....
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    Firefly's Reintroduction Log (and stuff)

    Gluten gluten wheat......I don't know what to make of you. I was cycling through all sort of options when it came time to introduce this general group, but due to it being a day off for me, it came down to these things 1 bowl raisin bran w/ almond milk Chia pudding w/ granola, along with home fries Pulled pork sandwich w/ a beer Now, re-introducing stuff has been a LOT harder than I thought. Even though my whole30 is technically done, I still have to keep compliant for those two days in-between reintroducing things. That's been tough, because my train of thought it well, my whole30 is done, so I guess it's okay to have such and such....... aside from this, here is what I found Day of, I had/experienced Bloat & stomach discomfort Belching & reflux Funny feelings in chest, lower jaw & throat Headache/head pressure A lot more gas (& it was smelly, unlike before) SLEEPINESS! (and I took about an hour-2 hour nap) The day after, I noticed that those initial things above did decrease, but I could still feel it some. I also noticed a bit of sinus pressure (but I'll wait to make a final conclusion on that). By the end of the day, I actually had some feeling of hunger, but I still felt that my stomach was definitely puffed out (I don't know if it was bloating or something else). On the second day of recovery (today), my headache, constipation/bloating was practically gone (maybe because gluten took a long time to get through my GI system? Does anyone have any insight to this?) When I had BBQ chicken & avocado w/ ketchup for lunch, I did feel those feelings of bloating, but they have gone away in what I think is a timely manner. But for the past two days, there was one constant. I woke up between the hours of 3AM & 4AM. One time, I had to wake up to use the bathroom, the other time I didn't. AND....I had a hard time falling back asleep. It was troublesome for that first day (because I had to be up by 7am), but it was better the second day/today (because I had an extra hour to try and sleep some). That's pretty much the summary of my experience with gluten/wheat. Now, onto the other beast which is dairy...
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    Firefly's Reintroduction Log (and stuff)

    Reintroduction # 1: Hard Cider So....this is point where either everyone reading will say (or think).....Firefly didn't do a proper Whole30! While this may be true, this was my plan all along. I knew I was hosting an event on day 30, and that it would be at a Cidery. So after finishing my day 30 dinner of Chipotle, I just figured that I would finally try some of this cider that I've been wanting to try for a long time...and yes, when I decide to do (something like) this again, I will make it a point to really break down my reintroduction, but I just wanted to test out some groups in general before making any assumptions. I had about 22 oz. in total (5 oz. of 4 different kinds and then some), and here are the only two things I found. I was gassy I could feel my stomach gurgling (but it wasn't too bad or anything.....definitely noticeable) I was belching again So this will be something I will keep my eye on for the next time I do something like this again. Now.....onto the beast which is gluten.......
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    Lavva plant based yogurt

    Thanks! I'm actually not a huge yogurt fan at all. I actually had a strawberry one along with a breakfast of eggs & bacon yesterday. I only really use yogurt (at all) either when I just want a sweeter breakfast (which is not that often) or for greek tzatziki.