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    xx_firefly reacted to HappyBecky in Everything is worth it today   
    Has anyone experienced this?  I know Whole 30 doesn't encourage "cheat" days, and I did not plan today to be a cheat day, but everything feels "worth it" today.  I ate cold pizza for breakfast, hot fresh pizza for lunch and hummus with pretzels for a snack and a corn muffin.  I ate a whole 30 compliant dinner.  I feel like I'm an adult and decided that I wanted to enjoy some things I haven't had in a while.  I ate till I was satisfied and then stopped.  I don't feel guilty.  I plan to eat healthier tomorrow.  I expect some cravings to possibly pop up tomorrow, but I haven't had adverse reactions to these food groups, so I am enjoying my food today.
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    xx_firefly reacted to Lorna from Canada in Some days I do think this humourous blog resembles me a little too much...   
    I suspect all of the people who have commented on my "crazy diet" in the past 6 weeks see me this way too - 
    and maybe you'll see yourself in this.
    it's cute; enjoy a little humour while we continue our journey!