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    xx_firefly reacted to HappyBecky in Everything is worth it today   
    Has anyone experienced this?  I know Whole 30 doesn't encourage "cheat" days, and I did not plan today to be a cheat day, but everything feels "worth it" today.  I ate cold pizza for breakfast, hot fresh pizza for lunch and hummus with pretzels for a snack and a corn muffin.  I ate a whole 30 compliant dinner.  I feel like I'm an adult and decided that I wanted to enjoy some things I haven't had in a while.  I ate till I was satisfied and then stopped.  I don't feel guilty.  I plan to eat healthier tomorrow.  I expect some cravings to possibly pop up tomorrow, but I haven't had adverse reactions to these food groups, so I am enjoying my food today.
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    xx_firefly reacted to Lorna from Canada in Some days I do think this humourous blog resembles me a little too much...   
    I suspect all of the people who have commented on my "crazy diet" in the past 6 weeks see me this way too - 
    and maybe you'll see yourself in this.
    it's cute; enjoy a little humour while we continue our journey!
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    xx_firefly reacted to Lorna from Canada in Day 30 - It's HERE!!   
    This will be the first post of the day - because the day that everyone starts off thinking is never going to come has arrived for the 3 of us intrepid W30ers in my famjam!!! And I'm excited to report on everyone's progress.  I'm so glad they both jumped in wholeheartedly to do this with me - it would have been really difficult to do this on my own. My hat is off to anyone who does it on their own without family support. 
    Last night, Hubs and I sat down to chat through his experience since we're not otherwise going to see each other today. His sole goal was to drop 5 pounds which he did (he broke the rules and weighed himself Day24) and his clothes are fitting better. He's a tall (6'1"), thin (177 when we started) and doesn't really have too much in the way of health complaints - unlike his wife. So, he says he can't really tell if anything has changed for him - no tiger blood, no digestive improvements, no change in sleep or brain fog - nada. But those 5 lbs mean a lot to him. He and I were both obese and really sick at one point in our lives, (here's an article from Canada's National Newspaper about us https://tgam.ca/2SniHAM), and neither of us ever want to go back. SO - even though he doesn't feel any different, he wants to make major dietary changes - no more cheese, crackers, cereal, bread, white rice (he's fallen in love with cauiliflower rice) and NO MORE CANDY. I'd say the one thing that has changed is his sweet tooth - he was ALWAYS scouting around looking for something sweet after dinner and that has stopped. 
    So, this morning, I'm doing the clean out the pantry for the Food Bank - there are going to be some carbs heading out!
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    xx_firefly reacted to vnw in Accountability   
    Hi. This is my 2nd attempt at Whole 30 and I am looking for an accountability partner or group?!
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    xx_firefly reacted to Miriam71 in I’ll never go back   
    I’m halfway through my first whole 30. I am pretty amazed. I have not had a colitis attack since I started, my  bones are not so achy , and I’m cleaning my house all the time. I haven’t had a nap in a week. 
     I can’t see the point in putting foods back in. I will do some just to check it out. But I’m thinking this way of eating is very good for me. And even though I live with two people who aren’t even close to this it’s OK. 
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    xx_firefly reacted to Wasabibuzz in Starting WHOLE30 Sept 10   
    Success! A weekend away was 100% compliant...and I wasn't super tempted (NSV). I took some time and recognized my not so healthy eating patterns (drinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine with a nice dinner, eating bread, etc). I abstained from it all and still had a great time. The key was to prep ALL MY MEALS before leaving home. I had this huge cooler with us that my husband called my "lunchbox". Ha ha. I had a nice steak at my husband's bday dinner that had only salt and pepper on it, a bare baked potato and some steamed squash. The Chef at the resort we stayed at was super supportive. I prepped: breakfast sausage, chicken meatballs, spaghetti squash (and sauce), cauliflower mash, coleslaw with homemade dressing, chicken salad, mayo, hard boiled eggs, different types of lettuce, lots of fresh veggies and fruit, nuts and PLENTY of La Croix!
    I ate better than any other road trip I've been on!
    I hope everyone else persevered as well -- it's worth it!
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    xx_firefly reacted to Unibok in Shannon's Whole30   
    Love the hash recipe! I will definitely try that this weekend. Thanks for the share!
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    xx_firefly got a reaction from Unibok in Shannon's Whole30   
    For the reintroduction phase, I'm planning on doing a semi-fast reintroduction of legumes, non-gluten things, dairy, limited natural/organic sugars, and then gluten. I want to see if I have any icky reactions to these food groups and then break it down from there. The reintroduction phase is when I've fallen apart in the past, so I'll be putting a lot more focus into that.
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    xx_firefly reacted to Unibok in Shannon's Whole30   
    Congrats on making it past the halfway point!!!!! YAY, you!
    I echo your question about reintroductions. I'm not thinking about them because I'm desperate to eat certain things, but more because I have some certainty around what I will not reintroduce at all if I can help it. But I'm also thinking about those things I think are still healthy for me, and how to sensibly reinsert them back into my diet. Example: instead of grains with every meal, I can see having a (non-glutiny) grain with one meal a day. It seems to me that those kinds of thoughts are ways of integrating elements of Whole30 into a sustainable lifestyle.
    How are you thinking about it?
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    xx_firefly reacted to julieinCA in Shannon's Whole30   
    I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your posts! 
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    xx_firefly got a reaction from Blair W in Blair's Log   
    Oh gosh, I’m so sorry this has been a tough thing for you. At least you have 10 days left (you’re in the home stretch!! )At least there are some positive take aways for you?
    You can do it!
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    xx_firefly reacted to Unibok in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    It's so easy to make in a blender, and is basically nothing but a bunch of fresh herbs. Go for it! It's super fresh tasting and fun.
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    xx_firefly reacted to BonnieStP in Sharing my "why" on Day 7 of my 6th W30 Reset   
    This has been called a "journey", even I've used this term while in pursuit of my best body size and health and Food Freedom Forever to maintain it.  And it certainly IS a journey!
    I am on Day 7 of my 6th Whole30.  I'm not discouraged.  I've made some mistakes in between, fallen back on old habits, gained some weight back.  But I AM LEARNING.
    It took joining a facebook group and matching up with an accountability partner this time, after several (and I mean SEVERAL!!) failed attempts to keep on past a few days.  I just wasn't committed, though I knew what I wanted.  There's no way around it - you have to be committed.  Having a group or an individual outside your home that is counting on you to stay strong, to help them do the same... that works for me.
    I want to include my "why" in this post, so that I can refer back to it when those pastries or chocolates or mounds of pasta start their siren song for me again at some point after each W30 reset:
    W30, for me, is a freedom from calorie and points counting, and hunger/deprivation while trying to "improve myself", turning my body against my very efforts as it fights to hold onto the weight.  I'm already a pro at that endless cycle, and where did it get me, overweight and unhappy.  My goal is to lose weight steadily until I reach the point where I feel good in my clothes, and strong. It might not even be the number on the scale that I THINK will make me feel this way.  Along the way, it's more important that I LEARN how to eat for life. No more yo-yo-ing. So, tweaking the numbers regarding what I ingest each day, stepping on the scale, obsessing over every fat on my plate... not for me. I'm done with that.  I am seeking to unlearn a lifelong unhealthy relationship with food, enjoy satiation and satisfaction from every meal, while learning to eat sensibly FOR LIFE along the way.  If it takes me longer to lose the weight during this process and multiple rounds of W30, I don't care. I will get this.   To all of you on YOUR journey, I wish you success with your food freedom goals!
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    xx_firefly reacted to Wasabibuzz in Week One - Slam Dunk!   
    Well, I'm officially on Day 8 and doing great! I think I'm approaching the "pants don't fit" stage. I'm feeling soooo full. I'm enjoying it all, but feeling the strain of food prep and menu planning. I'm very lucky to have a full commercial kitchen where I work. I spend a bit of time in there prepping for meals ahead of time. I typically walk in with three bags of food!
    I realize I'm only a week in, but while I am appreciating the great recipes, I'm not really seeing any difference in the way I feel (aside from being satiated and not snacking). I'll stick it through since I'm enjoying the increased attention on what I'm putting in my body. We shall see...
    Carry on!
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    xx_firefly got a reaction from Unibok in Shannon's Whole30   
    Day 7
    Breakfast: scrambled eggs (with a hint of almond milk), salsa, 1/2 avocado, 1 mandarin, coffee & creamer
    Lunch, sausage, sweet potato, & greens hash with Matty's BBQ sauce, 1 mandarin, freeze-dried strawberries, water
    Dinner: 3 lettuce tacos w/ pico de gallo & guacamole, water
    Overall: I officially made it to the week one mark! Also, being back at work for the first time in 4 days made my cravings for potato chips & sweets go back up again...but I managed to not cave in (#NSV!) I'm writing my weekly menu after typing this, so here's to a solid week 2 (for everyone who is at that point)
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    xx_firefly reacted to Unibok in Shannon's Whole30   
    Glad to hear you are feeling so much better now, xx_firefly! 
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    xx_firefly got a reaction from SoExcitedAboutThis in I'm already on Day 4!   
    I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone!
    My name is Shannon, and I started my Whole30 journey (the first of many to come) on Sept. 1.
    I have always been overweight/obese for my size, and after trying some reset diets, I figured I would do the Whole30 for many a reason....the main one being making good food choices and finding out what doesn't work with my body.
    Can't wait to get involved and meet you other lovely people!
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    xx_firefly got a reaction from nicoledawn913 in Brand new and starting September 1 to get my health back   
    Hi y'all!
    I started on the 1st (because I too must match days to the days of the month) and I would love to keep up with you guys.