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  1. I have occasional, mysterious stomach and cramping after eating meals. This happened to me before the Whole30, and has persisted during my Whole30. I'm having a hard time identifying what is causing it, because usually in a meal, I eat a variety of foods, but I suspect that vinegar may be an issue for me. Is that possible? For example, I just ate a small can of sardines, a side of arugula, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and one over-easy egg seasoned with salt and some flakes of crushed red pepper. After finishing eating, my stomach was quickly upset, and became hard. It's been an hour, and I'm still in pain. I feel like I have a baseball in tummy. Any thoughts?
  2. SaraEC


    Oh wow!! Thanks, that definitely explains it. I've not been drinking enough water; too many nuts; broccoli, fermented cabbage; and I made a big batch of cauliflower rice, which I've also been eating everyday. Of course, I'm eating other things too, and I've been gradually eating less nuts this weeks. So, I will start drinking more water, and send you a typical day of two of meals. Thanks again.
  3. SaraEC


    Hello I'm on day 23 of Whole30. I have not seen any major changes, or experienced the "Tiger Blood" effect. Too often, I am constipated, and I have so much gas all the time (and occasional pain, cramping, and bloating). How do I troubleshoot?
  4. SaraEC


    Hello, I am on day 16 of my Whole30. I have a couple social events this weekend. I bought some sparkling water and some veggie chips (I read the labels and they are ok for Whole30), but I just got home and read in the Whole30 day-by-day book that chips are not allowed. Given the context (party-outdoor social event), an I allowed to bring (and eat) some of these chips? These are not chips I bought for home use, just for these events.
  5. SaraEC

    When can I have...?

    Got it! Thanks
  6. SaraEC

    Peanut Butter

    Great, thanks so much ShannonM816!
  7. SaraEC

    When can I have...?

    Thank you SugarCubeOD. I froze the shrimp fritatta, and I look forward to a meal already-made after my Whole30! I will take your advice and eat it on my first day reintro, but do you think it is still necessary to wait two days before reintroducing the next item, given that it's just additives?
  8. SaraEC

    Peanut Butter

    What day do you recommend that I reintroduce Peanut Butter? Thank you!
  9. SaraEC

    John F. Martin Pepper Bacon

    Thanks. I already have the cheat sheet, and this one is not listed. There are so many variations; they all sound similar and yet some are ok, some not. That's why I asked, and I like to understand the why behind it, not just blindly follow. It helps build up my confidence in the changes I'm making.
  10. SaraEC

    When can I have...?

    Hello, I'm new at Whole30. I'm on day 3. I just made the shrimp frittata recipe recommended in the "It all starts with food" book, only to realize mid-way cooking the dish that the shrimp I bought has sodium metabisulfite, so now I can't eat it. I bought the shrimp at a local butcher who carries high-quality meats, including organic ones (and some select seafood). I did not think to check the label, especially when he said that the shrimp from this region was superior. In any case, I do not plan to throw it out, but I don't want to jeopardize my Whole30, so I will try freezing my frittata, and keep the rest of the frozen shrimp for later. Is this something I can eat during the reintroduction phase, or do I need to wait until I'm completely finished with all the Whole30 steps. Quite disappointed!
  11. SaraEC

    John F. Martin Pepper Bacon

    ShannonM816, why are these ones ok?
  12. SaraEC

    Day 1

    Hi, my name is Sara C. from Montreal, Canada. It's my first time doing the Whole30. Some friends of mine did it and recommended it. I've been gradually preparing myself for it through reading, mentally allowing the program rules to sink in, etc. I'm both excited and a bit scared. So far, I've really appreciated all the resources available online. Thank you to the founders and to the whole community. I'm happy to join and be a part of it.