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  1. Thank you very much @ladyshanny for your helpful reply! Do you think it would make sense if I do a very slow introduction, like 10-14 days between introducing new foods? Will that help the body to heal and at the same time learn about the effects of those foods groups on my body, or does it not make a difference? I am really anxious of losing my precious NSVs. Really appreciate your advice!
  2. I did the September Whole30 which was quite an eye opener - so many NSV! Especially my sleep quality has drastically improved, my mood was better, and my energy stayed constant. My psoriasis symptoms slightly improved. I lost 6 lbs which I am happy about. I started reintroduction with a glass red wine and because of that I had a second glass and then I binged chocolate. Quite a learning experience! I went back to Whole30 for three days and then did the reintro with only one glass of wine (I learned something here) which went fine. However, my sleep quality is not as good, my energy fluctuates.