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    Heartburn :(

    Hi Shannon! thanks! Scatterbrain me forgot my most important point! on D5 and D6 I had coffee with unsweetened cashew milk.. - I made it a point to not have any today I'm wondering if this is my culprit! I hadn't had any coffee D1-D4 because I can't drink black coffee- so when I found the unsweetened cashew milk I got excited- but my body might be less excited about it lol
  2. Hi all! I'm on R1D7 and up until yesterday I have been feeling FABULOUS. For breakfast I have some sort of egg with some sort of veggies (spinach/mushrooms/peppers/potatoes) occasionally avocado and usually a banana. For lunch its usually a salad with some sort of protein from dinner and a small amount of berries. for Dinner its usually two palmfulls of protein, tons of veggies, and some sort of potato - and I'm including some sort of fat at each meal (between dressing/olives/butters/avocado/mayo) but for the past two days (day 6 and day 7) I have had terrible heartburn and not much of an appetite- should I be concerned or is this just my body adjusting? side note: I don't normally get heartburn so this is new to me- also I feel bloaty and kind of blah- and I haven't weighed myself but definitely don't feel like I've lost an ounce over the past week :( Although I've been eating super clean and used to eat like garbage.