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    Love the hash recipe! I will definitely try that this weekend. Thanks for the share!
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    For the reintroduction phase, I'm planning on doing a semi-fast reintroduction of legumes, non-gluten things, dairy, limited natural/organic sugars, and then gluten. I want to see if I have any icky reactions to these food groups and then break it down from there. The reintroduction phase is when I've fallen apart in the past, so I'll be putting a lot more focus into that.
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    Unibok got a reaction from xx_firefly in Shannon's Whole30   
    Congrats on making it past the halfway point!!!!! YAY, you!
    I echo your question about reintroductions. I'm not thinking about them because I'm desperate to eat certain things, but more because I have some certainty around what I will not reintroduce at all if I can help it. But I'm also thinking about those things I think are still healthy for me, and how to sensibly reinsert them back into my diet. Example: instead of grains with every meal, I can see having a (non-glutiny) grain with one meal a day. It seems to me that those kinds of thoughts are ways of integrating elements of Whole30 into a sustainable lifestyle.
    How are you thinking about it?
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    HI Blair, the only one I have found is by D'artagnon, at a specialty store in town. I had no luck at Price Chopper and Hannaford's grocery stores, Trader Joes, or a specialty butcher shop. Here is the one I found in the store: https://www.dartagnan.com/andouille-cajun-style-sausage/product/PSMAN004-1.html
    Good luck with the hunt!
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    Today was the day I couldn't take it anymore: all that relentless meat after meat after meat. It has been feeling so heavy after I eat it, and I really think it slows me down. So, I gave myself permission to have a lovely meatless veggie-filled dinner. I'm writing this the morning after, and it seems that was the right choice. It was the best night's sleep I've had since starting, and I even woke an hour before my alarm clock, alert and ready to go. Looks like there was something behind my growing aversion to meat, and further evidence that this is just a 30-day reboot/elimination experiment and not a lifestyle for me.
    With that, here's what today (well, yesterday) looks like:
    Day 11 -- My entire kitchen still smells (and feels) like port fat residue. Ugh. So gross.
    Breakfast: I decided to use up the last of that pork belly (tasty, but be gone!!) by putting it in my 2-egg scram. Also in the scram, fresh from yesterday's farm pick-up: scallions, yellow pepper, mushrooms, enormous chard leaves and stems, and tomato.
    Lunch: On-the-go mishmash of Epic venison bar, 2 mandarin oranges, and an apple with almond butter.
    Dinner: Fresh farm stir-fry of napa cabbage, carrots, red pepper, lemongrass, scallions, and cilantro. I added in cashews for fat and protein, and served it over the riced cauliflower. I realize this means I didn't get enough protein today, but oh, how it felt good to eat food that felt so clean. I know Whole30 calls itself "clean," but it does not feel clean at all. It feels heavy and greasy. Tonight's dinner was a much needed respite from the meat-fest.
    Today's after-work goal: hit the grocery store for fresh fish and shrimp in an effort to have lighter-feeling proteins, with fats primarily from plant sources like avocado and olives.
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    It must be some kind of indicator that for the past two days, I've written my daily log the following day. I simply haven't had the energy or focus or desire to do it at night. In fact, last night I went to bed at 8:00 -- toddler early, right? And I went to bed without my usual night routines that set me up for success the following morning. Today, then, I'm already behind and under the gun. Ugh.
    Because of that, I finally had the experience of my body feeling hungry. That may sound bad, but it was very good. I have been eating when the clock tells me to, the portions that the template tells me to (most of the time), but not following the signals of my own body. Ultimately, my goal is for my body to tell me when and what and how much to eat. I'm a long way from there, but this was a great step in the right direction. NSV: feeling actual hunger.
    Now hungry, I still needed to tackle the grocery store for fresh fish and shrimp, plus more eggs and mushrooms. For the first time since starting, it was torture to walk through the aisles where I used to find my quick pick-me-up and comfort foods. NSV: I filled my shopping cart only with on-plan items even though I desperately wanted to make my life easier by buying the crap I used to get, and devouring it in the car on my way home. Two blocks later, those cravings were gone. The emotions were left, so I still have to find a way to release them and move on.
    With that, here's what Day 12 looked like:
    Breakfast: 2-egg scram with the usual yummy veggies
    Lunch: leftovers from the previous night's stir-fry, along with its lack of protein (maybe that's why I got so tired?)
    Dinner: Portobello Burger Tower, swapping fresh tomato for grilled onion to make it less greasy. With the avocado and beef, there were still plenty to healthy fats and animal protein.
    Snack: munched on Greek olives while prepping, because I actually got hungry before dinner (first time since starting that I actually felt hunger! Yay for feeling!)
    In addition to being light on the healthy proteins, it sure looks like I also ate almost no carbs because I didn't have any fruit, and there were no starchy veggies in anything I ate. Perhaps no healthy carbs = bedtime at 8:00.
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    Last night's early-to-bed must have performed some kind of reboot, because I felt pretty good today. I woke early, ran around like a mad woman to get out of the house early, and had a very full day at work with good focus and strong energy. I think that's what normal is supposed to feel like, right? When I got home, I had time for a short walk at dusk before heading to the kitchen (which, miraculously, no longer feels and smells like pork grease) to broil some fish. I had changed into my freshly washed jeans, hoping to find an NSV of looser fitting jeans ... but no. They feel the same as they did a few weeks ago. That said, my waist feels significantly smaller. We'll see in 17 days, won't we?
    With that, here's what Day 13 looks like:
    On-the-run breakfast: two apples with mixed nut butter, black coffee
    Snacky mishmash lunch: Epic venison bar, two mandarins
    Dinner: broiled lake perch with a topping of basil and ghee, served over potatoes, onions, and a bit of fresh tomato.
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in My First Whole30: yikes...(9.15.18 start)   
    Aha! I have been dying to weigh myself so badly, too! I also had a dream that I had gained weight, and the temptation was brutal in the morning. Sheesh!
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    Unibok got a reaction from Blair W in Blair's Log   
    Wow, Blair, this whole30 experience has been such a mixed bag for you! I am so sorry to hear about your back pain and trip to the ER. Your body sounds like it is under so much stress. That makes your NSVs all the more remarkable: no cravings? amazing! 
    Veggies will help with your constipation for sure. I googled "Whole30 curry recipes" and a whole bunch of good looking options came up. They all have a sauce base of coconut milk, which provides that creaminess that you love, and the veggies/chicken/whatever are swimming in that yummy creamy goodness. You know you like sauces -- and this Whole30 experiment has confirmed that for you -- so curry seems like a perfect thing for you to cook! For now, you might even double the amount of veggies to try to get more to help with the constipation: carrots, cabbage, onion, broccoli, whatever is on sale or whatever looks good to you. 
    I really like making curries because they are one-dish meals on the stovetop. Basically, put the stuff in and let it simmer while you do the other million things you need to do. If you try it, I'd love to hear how it goes.
    Hugs to you,
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    Unibok got a reaction from Blair W in Blair's Log   
    Congrats on sticking with it through some pretty rough patches, Blair. It is amazing how much better the next few days go after a good round of grocery shopping and planning. 
    Are there any of compliant foods that you do like? I'm just so worried that you aren't eating enough, especially if you are also going to the gym and working out. Spin classes are so intense, and require so much energy and rejuvenation. Let me know if there are any foods you've liked on this plan, and I'll think about other things you can do with them.
    Sending you hugs from afar,
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    Unibok got a reaction from xx_firefly in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    It's so easy to make in a blender, and is basically nothing but a bunch of fresh herbs. Go for it! It's super fresh tasting and fun.
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in My First Whole30: yikes...(9.15.18 start)   
    Oh, my_dear, I love your pictures! Your food looks so delicious, and it's all compliant. It's great that you felt your body needed some carbs at lunch, so you went with something compliant rather than taking the easier route and giving up. A baked potato was such a smart choice. Nicely done!
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in My First Whole30: yikes...(9.15.18 start)   
    Oh, my_dear, I love your pictures! Your food looks so delicious, and it's all compliant. It's great that you felt your body needed some carbs at lunch, so you went with something compliant rather than taking the easier route and giving up. A baked potato was such a smart choice. Nicely done!
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    Unibok reacted to continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    Thank your so much! I'll look into it! Looks like you had a good day. I'm glad your sleep is getting better. 
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    A busy day at work, but not too busy to throw me off. My Whole30 is now 1/3 complete. YAY! On the other hand, I am not feeling good about so much 4-legged animal protein, and will make more of an effort to get fish and other seafood. I really liked what I made last week, but having had beef or pork too many days in a row I just feel heavy and over-fed. Today was farm day, so now I can build this week's meals around the fresh veggies I picked up today.
    One good Whole30 moment at the farm: we are near the end of corn season, but with Whole30 I couldn't take the corn part of my share. I saw some friends, and told them they could have mine. They were so happy!
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 10 -- Sleep is definitely getting better, and I'm waking at an appropriately early time without an alarm clock. Hooray for that!
    Breakfast: 2-egg scram with spinach, red pepper, onion, and mushroom. Didn't have any tomato to deglaze the pan, so I used a bit of vinegar. 
    Lunch: leftover eggplant/bok choi/broccoli stir-fry over riced cauliflower, topped with pork belly.
    Dinner: fresh salad greens with avocado and sliced beef sirloin topped with a chimichurri sauce.
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    I'm reaping the benefits of Sunday's work today, so it's worth it. For farms, google "CSA" or "Community Supported Agriculture." You might also look up "Farm Share." That should bring you to farms with memberships in your area -- even if you live somewhere very urban. I've been doing this for about 20 years, every place I've lived, and it is one of the first things I search for when I move to a new town. 
    If you have a farmer's market nearby, you can ask the farmers there if they know of any farms who have "shares" or a "CSA." 
    Belonging to a farm changed the way I ate seasonally and thought about food in general. It has been so long now that I can't imagine not belonging to a farm if I ever move somewhere else. Let me know what you find!
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    Okay, Sunday is no longer a day of rest. Whole30 Sunday is a day of planning and prep. If I want the week to go well, then I feel like I need to use my weekends to set myself up for success on workdays. The dishwasher runs pretty much constantly. And, yes, a thin layer of grease still seems to be coating the main surfaces in my kitchen. Otherwise, no big insights today ... things are just chugging along.
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 9 -- my first good night's sleep since this started. I had an air conditioner running, which may have counteracted the night sweats enough to let me sleep through them. Hooray!
    Breakfast: Back to my 2-egg scramble, with spinach, red pepper, onion, mushrooms, and the last of my cherry tomatoes.
    Lunch: Zoodles with the rest of the tomato sauce, sautéed with onion. I heated the Trader Joes pre-cooked/pre-sliced sirloin, and put that on top of the dish. It was quite good, with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.
    Dinner: Every other Monday I go to a local farm to pick up my share of produce. It's kind of fun, because I never know what I'll be bringing home. Anyway, the night before my share (so, every other Sunday), I rummage through the fridge to use up any unused veggies from my previous farm run. Stir-fry Sunday. Tonight's was broccoli, bok choi, and eggplant, stir-fried in sesame oil with garlic, ginger, and onion. Then I browned the pre-cooked pork belly from Trader Joes, and then heated the riced cauliflower in the pork drippings. That, too, was delicious, and made plenty of leftovers for lunches this week.
    But oh, the dishes: the pots and pans and skillets and woks and saucepans and silverware and knives and bowls and plates and glasses and leftover containers. AGGGGGHHHHHH! I hear the dishwasher chugging away now. I've been so busy with the dishes I almost forgot to do the laundry! Yes, Sunday is definitely not a day of rest.
    Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing your journey as well!
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    Day 7
    Breakfast: scrambled eggs (with a hint of almond milk), salsa, 1/2 avocado, 1 mandarin, coffee & creamer
    Lunch, sausage, sweet potato, & greens hash with Matty's BBQ sauce, 1 mandarin, freeze-dried strawberries, water
    Dinner: 3 lettuce tacos w/ pico de gallo & guacamole, water
    Overall: I officially made it to the week one mark! Also, being back at work for the first time in 4 days made my cravings for potato chips & sweets go back up again...but I managed to not cave in (#NSV!) I'm writing my weekly menu after typing this, so here's to a solid week 2 (for everyone who is at that point)
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    Unibok reacted to continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    You are doing so well. I just finished reading all of your updates. I can't wait to read more!
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    All in all, a pretty good day today. So far only 3 hot flashes, and not a bad night's sleep last night. Please, please tell me that my hormones are balancing and that the hot flashes will stop again soon!
    A month or so ago, I had signed up for an all-day meditation workshop that started early this morning. It was great to practice meditation in a structured environment, but it was not good for my regularized eating schedule. Rushing in the morning to make sure I could get to the Center on time (it is 2 towns away), I polished off the last of that leftover beef skillet dish. Lunch was far too late and a hodgepodge of compliant things I had thrown in an insulated lunch bag on my way out the door. That's 2 days in a row of hodgepodge snacky lunches, and I do not want that to become a habit -- it's not satisfying, and I get hungry for a real meal much earlier.
    As I drove home from the Center, I stopped in to a burger place that I thought would be a better alternative to the snacky items. Two things happened as I looked at the menu board. First, I immediately noticed that I would have to hold several ingredients on every item -- usually cheese and some kind of sauce. Second, the more I looked, the more I felt I would be better off with the little bits I had packed because I knew for sure that they would be on plan. Eating at that burger place left too much to chance, with too many opportunities for hidden sugar or hidden soy or hidden corn or hidden something-I-shouldn't-eat. So I left without ordering. Maybe I'll feel that way all month? That's why it is helpful for me to think of this as a 1-month thing and not a permanent lifestyle change.
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 8 -- slept pretty well, woke early, and finally tackled all those dishes in the sink that I didn't take care of yesterday. Two observations: 1) egad there's a lot of grease all over everything, coating nearly every surface in my kitchen. UGH and ICK. 2) not cleaning dirty meat dishes right away means they start to smell really bad the next day. Lesson learned.
    Breakfast: The last of the leftover beef skillet from Day One. It made for a quick and hearty breakfast as I ran out the door.
    Lunch: a snacky mishmash of nuts, grapes, 2 mandarin oranges, a Chomps bar, and an apple.
    Dinner: back to cooking again, for the first time today. Zucchini noodles (pre-made from Trader Joes) sautéed with onions and prosciutto, topped with a home-made tomato sauce (just tomatoes, garlic, and thyme) that I canned last fall. A side of mixed olives made this a lovely Mediterranean feast. 
    Either tonight or tomorrow morning I need to plan out next week's meals. Pre-planning sure helped get me through Week 1. Here's wishing a smooth Week 2 for everyone.
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    Had my first outing to Trader Joe's, based on recommendations here and on YouTube. Wow. TJs will make Week 2 so much easier! I grabbed several bags of the riced cauliflower for stir-fries, a pre-baked sirloin and pork belly, compliant dijon mustard, flavored seltzers, more mushrooms, mandarin oranges, mixed olives, a Chomp, more avocados, and a gift card for my daughter on her birthday.
    What I did not find was compliant sausage, which was the primary thing I wanted. The search continues.
    Today was also my first on-the-fly day, where I truly had to make do with food that was immediately available. All things considered, it went well.
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 7 -- I slept pretty well until 4:50, when my bladder woke me up. This is progress! I never did get back to sleep after that, so I'm hoping for an early night tonight.
    Breakfast: In spite of (or maybe because of) being up so early, I did not have the desire to make my favorite egg & veggie scramble. Leftover beef skillet supper beckoned, and made an easy and tasty breakfast. I stopped at a fancy coffee shop for a very flavorful black coffee, and was glad I did. If I have to drink it black, then it will need to be very good coffee. Luckily for my wallet, I only drink coffee once a week or so.
    Lunch: In spite of (or maybe because of) being up so early, I had nothing ready to go. A venison Epic bar and an apple made for an okay lunch in a pinch between meetings and appointments.
    Dinner: Back in the kitchen, I baked a mustard-crusted salmon and roasted some beets, tossing them with avocado oil. I'm feeling like I'm having a bit too much fat now, ever since the Tower of Grilled Things last night. It's starting to taste and feel gross, so I will back off on all the fat tomorrow. For example, I would have enjoyed the salmon much more if I had baked it straight, rather than coating the pan with bacon fat. It just seemed like too much, an unnecessary addition that actually detracted from the flavor of the fish.
    That's it! Week-a-versary tomorrow!
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    Well, crud. Turns out the kielbasa I bought has dextrose in it. I asked for the ingredients when I was at the butcher shop today picking up burger patties. Luckily, I had frozen the kielbasa and was going to thaw it out for a sausage/pepper fest over the weekend. Now they'll just have to stay frozen until next month. Sneaky, sneaky added sugar -- boo!!!  I'm so glad I asked before cooking and eating it.
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    Unibok got a reaction from continue_my_dear in Sept 8 - Oct 7 Whole30   
    A huge test today: my first social event since starting Whole30. A group wanted to go for drinks after work, and I joined them. Normally, I need the wine to get me comfortable with being in a social situation, but that was off limits. My plan was to eat an apple before going so I wouldn't be too hungry, to get a club soda with lime, and to leave as soon as I wanted to order anything else. Also, I packed an extra venison bar in my bag just in case I really got the munchies on the way home. The plan worked. I actually stayed through two club sodas and lime, and left when I knew I was getting hungry for dinner. On the way home, I picked up some burger patties at the butcher, and headed home to cook my Whole30 dinner. I am so proud of myself! And, a little shocked, actually. 
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 6 -- slept a bit better, with only one bout of night sweats and one trip to the bathroom. After that I managed to sleep deeply until 7:00 am (that's late for me!). Had a great morning routine, and it seemed like my clothes were not as tight as they had been. Oh, please let that be true. Now, at the end of the day, I have a new NSV: my bra didn't hurt by mid-afternoon, so I actually felt I could wear it comfortably all day. That hasn't happened for a long time.
    Breakfast: 2-egg scram with oyster mushrooms, arugula, scallions, red pepper, fresh tomato, and a different turmeric blend. I do love starting the day that way.
    Lunch: the leftover catfish with husk cherries from last night. I was afraid it wouldn't be enough fat, so I threw in a packet of (compliant) almond butter. The combo didn't sit well in my stomach, but at least I didn't get hungry an hour later.
    Dinner: After drinks with colleagues, I made a Portobello Tower Burger. Jeez, the thing was huge. And delicious. Two grilled portobello mushrooms formed the "bun," each stuffed with mashed avocado. The burger itself was topped with a hefty slice of grilled onion and a fried egg. It was oozy and salty and amazing. And oh so filling that I skipped the watermelon that I had planned.
    Snack: a well-timed apple to fill my tummy before going out for seltzer & lime.
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    When, oh when, will I sleep well again? And night sweats -- ugh! And now my hot flashes are back again, after having gone away for several months. Peri-menopause, I thought I was so over you, but here you are back with me.
    Other than that, things are good. I feel strong and on track, I am staying focused at work and getting things done, and my mood is very even. Whole30 is making me more organized in general, in forcing me to schedule more elements of my life and leave less up to chance and whim. This means I finally got around to that haircut I've needed for the past 6 months, and now I feel light and springy to match my better mood and progress toward health. Does a haircut count as an NSV?
    The meat thing is rough to get used to, as I used to eat meat and/or fish only twice a week. Now it is twice a day, and that is a big leap! Although I don't love the idea of all that meat, my body does seem to love the nutrients. Or my body loves the lack of what I'm not eating right now. Either way, Whole30 is feeling very good in my tissues.
    With that, here's what today looks like:
    Day 5 -- woke several times drenched in night sweats. Was so exhausted by the accumulated lack of sleep that I let myself nap this afternoon. I think it was the right choice, as I feel so much better now. Unfortunately, I dread bedtime, as the nights have been so restless and uncomfortable and disturbed since I started this.
    Breakfast: Today's 2-egg scram had oyster mushrooms, kale, onions, red bell pepper, and fresh tomato. Avocado on the side.
    Lunch: Leftover cucumber and shrimp, with an apple on the side. I don't think there was enough fat in this, because I was hungry again a few hours later and needed a snack.
    Dinner: Catfish with a sauce of husk cherries, onion, red bell pepper, and fresh thyme. Side of avocado and watermelon. Never heard of husk cherries? I hadn't either until yesterday's farmers market, but they looked interesting and so I decided to make a sauce out of them. It was delicious! They look like very small, orange tomatillos.
    Snack: Not one but two apples (hey, they were small) with almond butter. I felt so much better after eating them. It was a well justified snack.