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    Reintorduction Prior to a Fitness Event

    Thanks for that advice @Tarrantrl . That makes sense. I will likely play it safe and do that.
  2. I am doing the Whole 30 for the first time. I am on day 13 and had two slips in the last 3 days (accidental honey ingestion by taking a sip from the wrong coffee mug/roasting a whole chicken and realizing after the meal that my label reading had stupidly missed the carrageenan) . It is disappointing to me but to stay true to the program I am thinking of extending it to a Whole 45 so I would have 30 days slip up free. However, this would put my reintroduction ending only 5 days before my participation in a half marathon. I was wondering if it is a bad idea to be ending reintroduction that close to my event, with the possibility that I could be still recovering from possible reactions....... Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Gracie W

    Accidental Honey Consumption

    Thank you ShannonM816. After thinking about it overnight, that's kind of the way I was thinking of approaching it. I had been toying with the idea of a whole 45 since the beginning anyway, so if I feel like that closer to the end of my 30 days it won't matter in the end I guess.
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    Accidental Honey Consumption

    Well, it appears that I technically need to start over due to one accidental sip from the wrong coffee cup........This is discouraging. I was just starting to feel good and things were clicking, now it's back to square one (if I'm making the correct interpretation).
  5. I am on my first Whole 30. This is Day 11 for me. About 3 days ago I turned some invisible corner and have been feeling great. This morning I accidentally grabbed my husband's coffee cup, took a swallow and was horrified to realize my mistake - I tasted honey!! Will I need to restart the program and consider this day 1? Gracie W