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  1. Good idea. I looked back on my notes and noticed right around the time I backed off on fruit I also ceased making roasted veggies, which I was doing a lot of in the beginning (brussels, kale, etc.) and eating a lot of. Since then I have been averaging one sweet potato/potato or less a day. I'll up it right away. Thanks!
  2. Once I figured out your original post was from 2015, I was wondering how it all turned out for you, so thanks for posting! Good info, I will lean in that direction as well.
  3. I created an account just because of this thread. I came on the forum to find an answer to what MK0306 is describing . . . I'm day 18 and I am GRUMPY! I eat almost identical to what MK0306 describes (I don't eat meat so really relying on eggs/seafood) and I think I eat enough . . . my stomach says so at least.) I felt really good the first couple of weeks so I came on the forum to figure out why (because I must not be doing something right, right? I'm supposed to feel like crap in the beginning I think.) I had been eating a small portion of blueberry-strawberry-raspberry fruit salad with meal 1 and 2, plus my normal apple with almond butter for a snack, but thought maybe I was eating too much fruit based on some posts I read so I quit that about a week ago. I have since been eating an apple a day (when not with a meal, with almond butter) and sometimes a peach or banana as well. But ever since I quit the fruit salad, my mood has steadily deteriorated. I don't miss any off-plan foods except for alcohol and half & half, and I didn't miss those things to this extent in the first two weeks. I exercise for an hour a day. I am about to add more fruit back because I am grumpy and irritable, feeling more and more restricted, and it sucks. Based on everything I've read, adding back fruit seems like a good place to start. (I definitely am drinking enough water.) I feel great otherwise. Sleeping great, no more mid-afternoon energy dips, clothes fit better. I am spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen but the sense of accomplishment I am getting making the Whole 30 recipes (and they taste so GOOD) is fantastic! And not complicated! Even though I have to really work up the energy to step into the kitchen to cook and clean, it's worth it (it doesn't come naturally to me, I have always been a keep-it-simple kind of cook--steamed veggies and baked salmon for example.) Thoughts? I've already gotten a lot out of the replies to MK0306's post, much appreciated. Thanks!