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  1. Nongermane

    Starting Oct 1

    You have to make choices you can feel at peace with. I totally support seeing your life situation and doing a cleanse in another time. Cheers, peace, and love.
  2. Nongermane

    Work meetings and group comfort eating

    I totally did it too, I mean, it’s cheap and gives the sugar rush for the rest of the afternoon. So I get the reasoning behind it- now that I’m more aware of my sugar intake it seems excessive.
  3. Nongermane

    Work meetings and group comfort eating

    I mean I don’t think it helped, no one really wanted to be there, even with the candy.
  4. Sitting at a meeting- we all got back from lunch. They drop a giant pile of candy in the middle of the desk to share. Things I'm noticing: I'm not super wanting it for a physical craving, which is an improvement. But, I do see how my HABIT of eating out of boredom was a huge issue before I started this Whole 30 journey. People eat a lot of bread and sugar throughout the day- even the healthier looking people at my table. I can see so clearly how food and alcohol is used for rewards and coping in our culture. Update: Since I have started writing this, we all just got served individual bags of candy.
  5. So I’m only on Day 21, but I’m planning out this reintroduction because I don’t want to mess anything up after all of this time. I want to start with dairy. It’s not a creamer in my coffee thing, but when my husband and I go out we like to find places with good cheese and fruit plates. And Ill admit to a cheese stuffed olive in a martini. Before I just head into a date night, I’d like to prepare myself. So, researching, it appears I would be trying different kinds of dairy throughout day one, go back to whole 30 for a few days and evaluate. My question is, I eat a lot of different cheese on date nights when we get cheese and fruit boards, so should my reintroduction of dairy go a bit longer? Like, day one, some basic cheddar and an apple. Wait a few days, and then try some harder cheeses?
  6. Nongermane

    Thickening Agents

    This. Its technically more liquid but sometimes for a thicker creamier taste I use coconut cream in place of water or broth.
  7. Nongermane

    Starting Oct 1

    I’m so excited for all of you starting on October 1st! I thought about an October cleanse but realized I have my families giant Halloween party on the 27th... I was going to be depressed about not getting apple crisp that night. It’s like our once a year thing and didn’t want to miss out. So, like a true sugar junky, I changed my plans.