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  1. Mtnchica

    Tomato Avocado Salad

    Wanted to share a favorite recipe I got from a friend that just happens to be Whole30 compliant, SUPER easy and a great way to add fat & veggie to a meal! Fresh Tomato, diced in large, bite-size chunks Avocado, diced in large, bite-size chunks Olive Oil Truffle Oil (make sure ingredients are compliant) garlic salt I didn't put any amounts because it's all to your preference. Combine tomato and avocado (I usually try to have about equal amounts of each) in a bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and truffle oil and sprinkle garlic salt. Toss and enjoy! Note: if you make enough for leftovers, put plastic wrap down into the bowl so it makes contact with the food and seals out the air to keep the avocado from browning.
  2. Mtnchica

    (Over)sensitivity after whole 30?

    @Michelle12 Since this was a few months ago I'm hoping you found some resolution. Do you mind giving an update on how the rest of Whole30 and reintroduction went for you? I'm on day 22 and my experience has been very similar to yours so far - (minus the cacao-induced migraine) no Tiger Blood whatsoever, minimal if any weight loss/body change, sleep still disrupted, still having headaches. Reading through these feeds I'm getting very concerned about starting the reintro phase. I'm afraid of having these severe reactions like others have, even though I didn't have serious issues before. I fear that all I will have accomplished is making myself get sick on things I want to be able to enjoy in moderation. Making things worse, I'm taking my niece on a vacation to NYC 14 days after Day 30 (yes, I know, I didn't take that into account when i planned the Whole30) so I'm just barely going to squeeze in the fast track reintroduction before we leave, and I'm so afraid I'll have really bad reactions that could ruin our trip. I'm tempted to stop the Whole30 a few days early and start reintroducing things just to make sure I have enough time to recover before we go. Also I'm going to be really upset if I have more severe reactions to dairy and gluten than I used to because.. NYC means cheesecake, bagels and pizza!! Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thoughts on how i can minimize the reactions?