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    Hoping to help my Acid Reflux

    I first heard about Whole30 about 13 months ago. I looked it up to see what it was all about, but decided it was too restrictive. I wasn't ready to try it. I had done an elimination diet with the help of my naturopathic doctor 12 years ago. At that time I discovered I had food allergies to wheat and soy protein. That caused a major change in the way I ate and the meals I cooked. I had to learn to cook all over again!! But it was worth it because I felt much better than I had in years. I have tried many weight loss diets in the past and most of them didn't work for me at all. I could follow them in every way and hardly lose any weight on them. I did have one successful diet, about 25 years ago. I was on a very low fat diet. That was all the rage back then. I was a fanatic about it and kept my fat intake to 10 g. or less per day! I was also doing Richard Simmons' videos every day (6-7 times a week), and walking frequently. I lost a considerable amount of weight (as I recall, it was about 40 lbs.). However, after I had been doing this diet and exercise for awhile (probably over a year) and had lost a lot of weight, all of a sudden I started gaining weight. Nothing at all had changed about the way I was eating or exercising! The doctor and I were both baffled at the turn around. It was some time after that that I gave up the low fat diet because, obviously, it was no longer working for me! I have since learned that our bodies need a certain amount of healthy fats and I really believe that diet messed up my metabolism. I have always had a problem with sleeping well at night. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. And lately I have been extremely tired all the time. Five days ago, I suddenly developed stomach cramping immediately after lunch. I woke up early the next morning, throwing up. I was up most of the rest of the "night" with vomiting and severe stomach cramping. I felt awful!!! That day the stomach cramping continued, but the vomiting had stopped after 2-3 hours. I helped control the pain with a heating pad. I was still having stomach cramping when I went to bed that night. The next morning the stomach cramping was gone. However, whenever I tried to take a deep breath or cough, it felt like pressure in my upper abdomen and that was also painful. I went to the doctor that afternoon. He said it was acid reflux and gave me some medicines to take. He also told me to avoid fatty foods and dairy. Over the next few days I saw some improvement, but not 100% better. That's when I decided it was time to try the Whole30 diet and see if it made a difference in my acid reflux, my energy levels, sleep patterns, and weight loss. Today is Day 1, September 27, 2018. For breakfast I had a 2 egg frittata with broccoli and roasted sweet peppers, seasoned with salt and pepper. It was pretty good, but for some reason, my stomach was bothering me, so I only ate half of it then. I came back 2 or so hours later and finished it. I also had a pear at that time. I am looking forward to improving my health and losing weight.