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  1. I have to attend an unexpected conference on Day 30 and the first 2 days of my reintroduction. I'm comfortable about restaurants, but at least 4 meals will be provided buffets without time to go elsewhere. I'm planning to bring meat bars/sticks, almond butter & apples, and compliant salad dressing. I'll likely be able to have eggs & fruit at breakfast, so I'm mostly concerned about the lunch and dinner. There likely won't be servers to ask- any tips? Thanks!
  2. Just need to rant about my frustrating grocery trip. I made sure I ate a full meal beforehand to reduce temptations and had my list. My husband is out of town for work, so I had to bring my son. All of that was fine. I went to Walmart because I didn't want to drive 45 minutes each way to my preferred store, and I needed other things and thought I could nail it all in one trip. Anyway, they were out of avocado oil, any brand. Out of Arrowroot powder, which I wanted to make sausage gravy for our guests this weekend. Out of the entire 10ftx6ft bacon & sausage display, there was NONE that were compliant with W30. They didn't even have unseasoned ground pork. Then there were no ham hocks or bones for my ham & potato soup. They didn't have many of the brands I've been using since starting my paleo/W30 journey, so I spent a lot of time reading labels. By the end, my son and I were both hungry, I was frustrated & annoyed, and just over it. Spent 1.5 hours there and still had to go to another store to finish shopping. I know I'm just getting wrapped up in some self pity, but any of my friends would't get why I couldn't get just any bacon or anything else. Just frustrating and needed to dump it somewhere.