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  1. KHT

    UTI while on Whole30

    I am eating at least one more serving of animal protein per day than I was before. Before Whole30 I’d usually have a few legume-based meals each week. Having meat/seafood at lunch and dinner is a lot for me compared to before...... just seems so strange that after so many years I’d get a UTI while eating healthier than ever.
  2. KHT

    UTI while on Whole30

    I'm on day 18 and was diagnosed with a UTI yesterday after not feeling so great for a couple of days....... I literally have not had a UTI for years, at least 5, probably more. I'm concerned that the change in diet caused this..... my doctor said that excess animal protein can change your urine chemistry and make it harder on your kidneys to process. Am I damaging my poor kidneys with Whole30? Has anyone else had UTIs pop up out of the blue while doing Whole30?
  3. Well, there's "science" and then there's actual science. (Full disclosure: I'm a science writer I have read some of the book It Starts With Food. Some of it makes sense, but I feel like there's more good science out there about a plant-based diet being better for you. There's a lot I'm learning from my Whole30, don't get me wrong..... about how I need some protein at every meal and no gluten is so much better for me, and that I can curb my sweet tooth and that really affects me. But I think that a moderate meat intake is a better idea for a lifetime of eating.
  4. I'm two weeks into my Whole30 and I have to say...... I'm sick of all the meat. And I am really conflicted about how healthy this can be....... I mean, I am fine with eating a meat/seafood-based meal once a day, maybe even twice. And eggs are one of my favorite breakfasts. But I really miss my legumes and rice. And I feel like it's a healthier diet. I'm just not convinced...... Then this morning I wake up to this and it sort of drives it home for me: How do the Whole30 folks come to terms with science like this? I am going to stick it out for the month. I mean, 30 days of too much meat isn't gonna kill me. But long-term I just can't see this as a healthy long-term diet. I'd be really interested in any peer-reviewed science that shows it is?
  5. KHT

    Why am I so tired?

    Still more tired than pre-Whole30. Sticking it out to see if it gets better..... my acupuncturist, who suggested Whole30 to me initially, told me on Friday that it doesn't always work well for all women, that some people need more carbohydrates..... she also did say that there can be a time period when your body is adjusting to getting energy from fat and protein instead of carbs/sugars, so that could be part of it as well. I wasn't eating that much more carbohydrate the month before I started the Whole30 though..... but maybe that little bit was enough.
  6. KHT

    Why am I so tired?

    I was eating a dessert once or twice a week before, and sugar in my coffee/tea. And having rice sometimes and very occasional gluten. Not that huge of a change. Past few days I’ve had coffee with untold, an egg/veggie breakfast with a little sweet potato, salad with chicken or beef for lunch, plus a few nuts and a fruit, dinners some kind of fish/meat and veggie, avocado too, a little butternut squash one night. Everything compliant and mostly from the Whole30 cookbooks. I’m not hungry, just super tired. Who’s knows, I could be fighting something off.....
  7. Day 3 and third day of feeling just exhausted all the time. So confused, as I’d already implemented much of the Whole30 about a month ago, and this week was just my “full Whole30” start. I’d gotten so much more energy for the past month it seems so strange that now it’s worse again.
  8. Just started my Whole30 yesterday, though I've been eating very Whole30-ish for about a month now at the suggestion of my acupuncturist. I've already gotten past the aversion to having very different breakfasts, no gluten, very little sugar, lots more cooking/prep. But starting on the "real" Whole30, the thing that's the biggest bummer for me is my morning ritual of tea/coffee. I always have chai tea when I wake, with a little honey and milk. Then later in the morning I'll have a cup of coffee at work, also with brown sugar and cream. I've cut way back on the amount of sugar/honey in my drinks, and most days this is the only added sugar I have. I've switched to having Nutpod in my coffee/tea, which is OK. But not having any sweetener is really hard for me. I wonder if there are specific brands/blends of coffee that lend themselves better to the nut-milk/no sugar thing? I drink good coffee (a dark roast from Peet's, freshly ground), so it's not a quality issue really. I'm already starting to tell myself "Is is realllllllly that big of a deal if I have one little teaspoon of sugar in my tea or coffee? I mean, I know I'm going to do that again once I'm done with this Whole30 thing anyway, soooo........Why fruit juice and all fruits are ok and a little honey in my tea is not is a little strange to me.
  9. That might work. I just wonder what to give her for that protein.... she goes straight from school to crew and so it has to be something portable and easy. I suppose some cut-up chicken with a small ice pack or a piece of compliant lunch meat would work.....
  10. My 15-year-old daughter really wanted to do Whole30 with me..... she's a rower and she started a week ago and has already commented that she feels less pain during hard workouts and less sore the day after. Really interesting...... She is feeling challenged by what to eat before and after her rowing workouts (not meals). She has lunch around noon and rows/exercises from 4-6:30 or 7 and doesn't get dinner until 7 or 7:30. She has always needed a pre- and post-workout snack, but usually relied on bars. Granted they were lower-sugar bars (She likes the KIND bars), but not Whole30 compliant. The past week she's had a Lara bar before her workout and some nuts or seeds or beef jerky afterward. She doesn't like the Whole30 compliant beef jerky. Any other post-workout ideas that are portable and easy? A hard boiled egg or leftover meat and sweet potato would be great, but that's not something she's gonna eat in someone's car on the way home from crew.
  11. KHT

    Starting Oct 1

    I’m also starting today! Sitting here drinking my tea with Nut milk and no sugar..... this is the habit I think will be hardest for me to break (morning caffeinated drink with no sugar or dairy). I love to cook and have tried a lot of the recipes already, so feel pretty good about that, though I’m still a little intimidated by 30 days of compliancy! I’m hoping my Whole30 helps with my energy levels, which have been waning a lot over the past few years.... and migraines, joint pain, thyroid issues. my 15-year old daughter is doing the Whole30 with me, which should be helpful. She’s an athlete so it’ll be interesting to see how it affects her athletic performance. Looking forward to hearing about others’ experiences!