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  1. Greetings! I am in the middle of treatment for SIBO. Once I finish with my antibiotics next week, I will be transitioning my diet to low FODMAP. With the start of the Whole30 At Home next week, I also thought it would also be a great time to return to a Whole30 (or Whole60)....I primarily follow a paleo diet right now anyway since it helps keep my symptoms at bay. I would welcome any advice, tips, or recommendations of coaches who are also familiar with low FODMAP. I have completed one full round of Whole30, but I have also had two missed attempts at Whole30 and most recently a miss
  2. @C_Cezeaux during my reintro back in November, all of the eliminated food groups made my hives and dermatographia worse except for dairy. I was going to do another one in January, but I stopped after 3 weeks because I wasn’t seeing any improvement , and I decided it was time to seek some assistance from a doctor. I have since seen an allergist and a gastroenterologist, and they have not found anything that could be explaining my symptoms. They cant do a skin prick test because of the dermatographia. I am also negative for celiac, Chron’s, and thyroid disorders, but I do manage to find ou
  3. Today is Day 1 for me. I did my first Whole30 in October to try and calm down some hives/dermatographia and to see if they were related to any foods. I’m doing a second round as a reset and to continue finding triggers to my hives.