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  1. vpoppy1

    Starting Oct 1

    Day 6, 7 and 8 update: Man, I was so glad to know that my sis has also done Whole30! She knew some places to go and menu items I could order. We went out for dinner on the 5th and I had seafood curry (made with coconut milk) and it was delish! Saturday I had a bit of the "kill everything's" I woke up and was kind of resentful that the hotel had all of the dairy, soy, legumes, grains, and nothing for me to eat. But I was doing ok, and was planning on going out for breakfast at a place that I thought would be accommodating. I was "greeted" by a snooty person who told me I could sit at the counter (which was full) but he could not seat one person. ARGH! I eventually settled on going to a grocery store and eating prosciutto and pistachios for breakfast while grumbling something about this darn "process". I perked back up, hung out with the niece and had some coffee. Got back to my sister's place and immediately needed a nap (note, not wanted, but needed). Tossed and turned for a bit and I think I slept but not much. Enough to just calm down and refocus. Went up and my sis basically told me that I needed to eat so I made some sweet potato hash browns and eggs. We did a cookout that night and I had bacon wrapped scallops and sparkling water. My sis bought some of those Whole30 Terra chips and I snacked a bit on them, but didn't go crazy. Yesterday was a bit nutty (kind of literally lol!) we drove for 4 and a half hours (thank goodness for pistachios!) I GOT A KITTEN! and we (the boyfriend and I) looked at a house! We put an offer on it and are waiting to hear back! eek! I basically had smoked salmon for breakfast, pistachios for lunch and sweet potato fries with my (heavenly) ranch dip for din din. Back to normal today! Regular breakfast (thank goodness!) and just ate the last of my loaded cauliflower soup. Probably going to work on that venison bbq tonight. NSV: I think my pants are fitting looser....? Pretty sure these jeans were quite a bit tighter before, also my sister said I look great! Also: dreamt about eating hot pockets and Peanut Butter M&M's. It was weird, but I lived LOL
  2. vpoppy1

    Starting Oct 1

    Day 4 update and Day 5: Plane ride was a breeze, asked for sparkling water with no issues. Got to the hotel and went on a search for din din, which was a bit challenging. Not because of options, but because not many were open! Found a cute pub and thought the Blackened Salmon would be a good choice, but decided to ask the waitress just in case. She was super helpful and went back to double check with the chef, and we were able to change it so it fit with my diet. In the end, no sauce, and no blackened, just a really good seared salmon with sauteed asparagus and fingerling potatoes with sauteed spinach. Delish! Hey this asking for accommodations isn't so bad! At my sis's house with three dogs. Got a sweet potato cooking in the oven, and about to chow down with that and some eggs for my brunch. Hotel had zero options for me except coffee. Not super hungry, but can wait until the sweet potato is done cooking :-)
  3. vpoppy1

    Starting Oct 1

    Day 4 Check-in: Nothing too crazy happening, still feeling pretty good! I had a co-worker tell me that I sounded a LOT better (nasal congestion wise) Breakfast as usual: Baked sweet potato pan fried in olive oil, sprinkled with Paprika, Onion and Garlic powder and two poached eggs Lunch: Loaded Cauli soup By about 1:30 I was starving, so I had some leftover Venison with Whole30 BBQ sauce and a Dasani Sparkling Berry. Flying to Milwaukee for a day trip, the plane trip might be rough (I normally have a glass of wine, but will get sparkling water instead). Sis is taking me and the bf out tomorrow night! I told her about my Whole30 and she is totally on board for finding a great restaurant to accommodate :-)
  4. vpoppy1

    Starting Oct 1

    Hi all! I 'm Val and I just joined! I started my Whole30 on October 1st as well! Little bit about me, I have lost approx. 60 pounds so far on my own, but still have another 20 to go, I started this program because there was a part of me that knew I had some issues yet to be resolved with food. I not-so-jokingly refer to my sinuses as that of "an Old English Bulldog," and when I picked up the book it was either Whole30 or sinus surgery. I thought I'd try the food option. I mostly eat pretty healthy, but coming from Wisconsin, cheese isn't just a food group--it's a way of life lol! A part of me knew that whenever I ate dairy or other foods my sinuses would get exponentially worse. So there was a big ol' strike two for starting the Whole30. Finally, I've had Lupus since I was 12. It's mostly mild, but growing up with it I've heard horror stories about people with Lupus and have always been conscious of it ever since. Met with my Doc back in February and he confirmed that it's in remission now! But, again, I always am looking to improve and get better, and I'd like to see what being on Whole30 could do in terms of fixing that. So! 1, 2, 3 strikes for doing Whole30! I started on Monday, and to tell the truth I actually feel great! The ranch dip recipe is the new love of my life and I've been enjoying a delish loaded cauliflower soup recipe that I made with W30 compliant bacon and coconut milk...SO good! I feel like the bottom is going to drop out from under me though, that I'm going to wake up tomorrow feeling like I got beat with a baseball bat. But who knows? I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully things continue to get better. :-)