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    not possible

    Ok. That helps. Of the other foods U mentioned—I would eat green beans that all. Don’t know what tonnes are. What sauces could I have that don’t contain natural or unnatural sweetners, dairy, eggs, gluten, or mayo, cheese?
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    not possible

    My dr recommended this program to me, but I am skeptical. I have unintentionally lost 46% of my body weight. I currently have a low normal (and still dropping) BMI. This is not due to an eating disorder. I've had everything scanned, prodded, scoped, tested repeatedly. No reason found. No cancer found, no autoimmune issues, viruses, etc found. I have gut pain and certain foods makes it worse. I also have dry mouth and have found it increasingly difficult to swallow dry food. The last few months I've been able to manage little more than peanut butter, applesauce, diced fruit, and sometimes chicken if it has enough something liquid on it. Eggs make me sick. I do not eat anything that comes out of the water. I don't eat beets, spinch, romaine, kale. So, so far I've found that this program offers me olive oil, potatoes, and chia seeds (which I've never had), and unprocessed chicken and it's broth, unprocessed beef and it's broth. And WATER. forgot that one. Is that what I'm supposed to eat for a month? Am I missing something? I'd like to GAIN weight and less GI problems. I don't see how this is supposed to work. I do not want medical advice. I am just wanting clarification on the program. I