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  1. It was a new can. Plus since it happened with 2 different meals at different times I’m thinking we must be sensitive to it. I made the Whole30 Butter Chicken and Salmon in a mushroom cream sauce
  2. It was canned. It does freak me out when I refrigerate a can to use the coconut cream and it’s always has a grey tint to it.
  3. Has anyone else had issues with coconut milk? This is the second recipe I’ve made with 1 cup of coconut milk in it and my husband, son and I have all had stomach issues right after eating dinner. Bubbling gas and going to the bathroom several times. I have had my gallbladder removed many years ago so I thought that was maybe why I couldn’t tolerate it but neither could my son or husband. I think this is an ingredient we are going to have to avoid.
  4. PsVolz

    Stomach pain

    My son, husband and I have just noticed recipes with coconut milk are upsetting our stomachs.