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  1. Endurance Steve

    Pre/post workout snacks

    Given 350 - 380 calories in the workout, I'd be surprised if you needed BOTH pre- and post-workout snacks to keep your energy levels up. Given the timing, the pre-workout meal makes sense, but then I'd just roll the post-workout meal into dinner. Good luck!
  2. Endurance Steve

    Evening Workout, early bed time, when should I eat?

    Great to be starting somewhere! Given this plan I think you should likely be able to fuel just based off of stored energy, and not need to add any additional meals to your day. I'd recommend giving it a couple weeks, but if you do find your workouts really lagging then certainly fine to add in another "template-based" meal (good mix of fat/protein pre-workout of protein-carbs post-workout).
  3. Endurance Steve

    Evening Workout, early bed time, when should I eat?

    When you say "low to moderate intensity", what type of workout do you do? I'd honestly try to see if you can handle (both the exercise performance and hunger) without any supplemental meals, and then only if you see either hunger/performance being problematic then look to adjust and add an extra meal. For most workout programs your standard diet will likely suffice to get you through just fine - and I'd try with the default meal schedule and then look to adjust, as opposed to worrying about the extra meals up front. Good luck!
  4. Endurance Steve

    Fat adaptation length of time

    Glad you're taking the journey towards increased fat adaptation - I think that's a great path for athletes, even if they don't want to live the "low carb" lifestyle at all (post-workout carbs + fat adaptation can work really well together). For me my goals determined how fast to push it - if you're fine with lower intensity training for ~6 weeks or so, then moving away from pre-workout carb fueling (and personally, for me it was moving to completely fasted training) will be sufficient to up your fat adaptation massively and then reintroduce higher intensity training. I started with fasted training for just 30 minutes a day, and now can hit endurance rides in the ~3 hour range completely fasted in the morning and not be ravenous after. If however you want to focus on getting back that intensity faster, that's TOTALLY doable on Whole30, I would just keep those healthy carbs in pre-workout, but taper them off over time (especially on easy endurance / recovery days). The main goal of Whole30 for me has always been to clean up your diet to have a real understanding of how food impacts your health, rather than fad adaptation being the primary goal - so if you want to keep fueling your higher intensity work with quality carbs while going more moderate in your lower intensity work, I think that's great!