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  1. Kim21161

    Pre-Workout Collagen Matcha

    @ladyshanny Interesting! Got it, thanks so much! I'll work on incorporating a different pre-workout snack going forward for sure.
  2. Kim21161

    Pre-Workout Collagen Matcha

    Hi @Endurance Steve. that's exactly why I'd always chosen that , but trying to adjust for the reasons @ladyshanny listed above. Really just trying to follow the program as recommended I suppose. I do high intensity intervals (weights and cardio) 3 times a week and lower intensity cardio/weight routines a couple times a week. It's usually the high intensity ones I really need the boost for, especially right after waking up! @ladyshanny Would the collagen (protein) and fats (cacao butter) in the matcha not work? Or is it enough to really give my body that boost? Thank you both!!
  3. Hi! First Whole 30 over here. I normally workout early morning before work; would a collagen matcha with water/coconut or almond milk and raw cacao butter be an okay choice for a pre-workout? I would normally have done 1/2 a banana with almond butter, but am trying to cut that out. Thank you!