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  1. Thank you so much, Michelle! And how is your round 2 going? I will be traveling to Yuma to visit my sick grandma and I assume it will be hard to be compliant there, but I am going to try and stay close. I will start my round 2 when I get back on Monday, but grad school and parenting four kids is STRESSFUL, so I will be drinking wine a few times per week. I never have more than one class, but one glass three times a week will not be W30 approved... so I guess, technically, I will not be doing a real round two. I know that wine ain't no probs for me though, so it is fine for my purposes. I hope you're well! Oh, do you have a fave dish you will be making for Thanksgiving? I made an "umami gravy" from the NomNom Paleo website a couple of years ago that was so good! @MichelleCA
  2. Day 26 Wow, where has the time gone?! I swear on my last whole 30 I was counting down the days (probably because I did it over Thanksgiving and up until Christmas), but this time I have been so busy, I am like, "What?! Next Wednesday is the last day already? But I am not ready to be done!" So that's great! I will just weigh in on day 31 and keep going. It only gets hard when I don't go grocery shopping and end up living on kraut and root veggies for all three meals of the day. It's only happened twice, but still One thing I am noticing is that I do not feel hungry ever, really. I eat when I know my body needs to eat, but I do not feel the intense hunger pangs I used to get in the afternoon and mid-morning. I am still without the bloat... I think I was slightly bloated ONE day during the past 26 and I was a total baby about it. I can't believe that blowing up to five months pregnant looking every night and feeling like I was going to explode was my norm. My bloating and my toxic sugar treat/work cycle were the two things I was hoping to gain some insight on, so I am going to spend the next half of this whole 60 really focusing my energy on the food relationship (and let's be honest, watch a few more pounds drop off this frame). Right now I need to get back on my grocery game and stop eyeing them cookies while remembering to pay attention to all the good things happening with my body right now. A friend of mine said the other day, 'everything counts'... and that really resonated with me. I haven't lost as much weight this round as I did my last whole 30 round. But I am two years older and under a lot more stress than I was back then. Every time I choose whole foods and to pass on sugar, dairy, and grains it counts. Every single time. Drops in the bucket, self...drops in the bucket.
  3. Day 20 It's been a minute since I have typed up a reflection and here it is DAY FREAKING 20 already! Two thirds through... my tummy is rumbling and I just watched two back to back episodes of that popular British baking show on Netflix with my kiddo who loves to bake. Give me all the cakes and 'biscuits' NOW! But seriously, I am kind of in the throws of my sugar dragon rearing it's ugly head right now... even before the baking show. And Halloween mass candy didn't help. I love that shi%$y candy every year. I also just want some maple syup with my Nut Pods in my coffee, ok? Give it to me! But also feeling proud that I am still going strong, not snacking, drinking tea, and not really even counting down the days. I made things involving cheese and lots of bread today and it was a bit challenging not to mess things up, but I didn't. As quickly as the temptation comes, I can make it go away and that is progress made compared to the first whole 30 I did two years ago. New Seasons makes a "paleo hash" that has been saving my life in addition to the bone broth egg drop soup and spicy garlic kraut. So many awesome options and just feeling so fortunate to not have my nightly bloat pains/pregnant looking belly/fart in bed sesh. So, so grateful. Those love handles are quite diminished as well... more and more each day (because lets face it, I am going to Kauai in December and I am in this for some scale victory along with reclaiming my energy levels and previously purchased clothing!).
  4. Thank you for sharing this part of your food story with me, Michelle. Yeah, I have only even been vegetarian as the other members of my family threatened to throw me out if I tried to get them to give up milk and cheese! I also ended up the heaviest I have ever been, the bloatiest I have ever been, and the blah-iest I have ever been. I was eating a ton of treats and sugar and just was not on top of eating as many veggies and healthy proteins as I should have been. However, I really do think that the soy and legumes I was relying on for protein was no good for me. I do shop at whole foods and new seasons (maybe local to Oregon), which also has the welfare rating and we have so many ranches here, as well. There are options. I had just read about how smaller, more humane slaughter facilities were disappearing at a rapid rate because of the way agribusiness continues to go, but there is momentum to turn the tide. With my schedule and constantly being over extended and in survival mode as a grad student with four kids, I just haven't been able to do any better than whole foods and new seasons, but I think right now that has to be ok. Like your doc said, it is them or me right now because my body was definitely letting me know that something was not working out. Thanks again for sharing your experience with me!
  5. Ok, so I have been cheating on this forum with facebook, even though I don't really facebook, because there are some really helpful and motivating things going on there. Not that I don't appreciate, YOU, Michelle! Day 16 Today I had bacon (baked with veggies and two eggs in the oven) for the first time in almost 11 months. Was afraid I had lost the taste for it, but nope. Still tastes like bacon. Still love it. But I don't want to eat pigs and I felt like the world's worst human after I did it and while I was cooking it. For anyone who reads this and scoff, go watch a video highlighting the millions of times a day happenings at a slaughterhouse and then tell me how you feel cooking up a pan of bacon... I dare ya. Anyway, I am trying to remain focused on the physical benefits and the lifting of the brain fog to keep me motivated to keep off the sugar and all, but I have been feeling whack, emotionally, because of all the indecision and stress in my personal life. Unfortunately, W30 can't make your hard life choices for you! I think it is getting close to Tiger Blood time, but I think these doldrums will buffer the TB to unoticeable levels. Oh well. At least I am not bloated and continuing to gain weight. And that was a big thing for me... the scale just kept creeping up because of my stress/reward cycle. Theme of the end of day 16? I am grateful for the weight loss I have experienced so far and all that comes with that, in addition to the end of my very painful bloating each night. Thank you, thank you, rulesy-as-hell-W30. You're fixing me.
  6. Day 14 Cravings continued to come in hot today. I fought the buggers off, but seriously need to be on guard because sheesh... I almost raised the eff it flag today for a tiny bowl of gelato and a bagel! Ok, rather than be "on guard", I think I will try more of the zen approach I had going on at the beginning of this thing. Just like a water bug floating down the river... going with the flow and observing all that is. Expect that water bugs are actually hella on guard... bad example? I made a yummy curry sauce I can pour over anything today, so that saved me and I will rely on it to last me the weekend. Thank goodness for cans of coconut milk and (compliant, locally made) ready-made curry paste! Tomorrow marks halfway... NSV check in: no more blackheads on my temples, still have my evened out, smoother skin tone all over, pants fitting WAY better and I am noticing more and more shape changes (that only I would notice, I think, but still), and increased clarity of mind. Still really need to work on that sleeping and hydration piece though. Oh and the cortisol reduction piece.... oh well, one thing at a time, eh?!
  7. Day 13 Ok, so I have hit the days that cravings are supposed to be super intense, and yeah, yesterday that arrived right on time in the form of a total brain take over by toast and butter. Today I wanted a burger bad, so I went to a nice place and ordered the dang burger, took everything off of it, and ate the meat patty (piedmontese grass fed beef topped with (sugar free) prosciutto) naked and it all the spots. That was my first burger since last December and it was so good. So far a shot of sparkle water or kombucha consumed preemptively have kept cravings manageable, but I feel like my W30 form (prep and planning) has slipped a bit and that my be giving the cravings a bit more room to exist. Good thing its friday and my husband and three out of four kids will be out of town this weekend leaving me plenty of time to plan and prep and get my head right. As much as homework and the three year old allow, anyway. My school schedule is just really intense and all that I am juggling is very stressful right now. Mommy guilt is at full tilt and I am tired so early on in the evening but I still don't go to bed. I feel like I have had a lot more energy on just one cup of coffee during the days though, and so I know that kicking sugar, dairy, legumes, and grains out of my diet has been a very good thing for me, so I will use that fact to keep me going with the meal prep and the effort it takes me mentally to not eat like total sh$t as a reward for all I do. Ok, Day 13.. you're in the freaking bag! Goal for tomorrow- more fruits and tea. Today mad meat and veggie, but I always feel best when I have some solid fruit intake.
  8. @MichelleCA Ummm... those are BRILLIANT solutions! THANK YOU so much for sharing those craving quenchers! I have yet to purchase any ghee yet this time around. I am not sure why I haven't! I have been plopping down Nut Pods into things and that adds some of the creamy texture I have sometimes been missing, but these two things sound most excellent! I have a traditional stove top pressure cooker that I am terrified of, but that really got me through my last W30. I think I may invest in the Instant Pot before holiday season hits because it seems so much more simple to use. I literally do not let my kids in the kitchen when the pressure cooker is on! I know its not unsafe, I mean its a newer one, but still. How have you been since being back from your trip and beginning round 2?
  9. Thank you so much for chiming in there, @ladyshanny... I did read that thread and learned of a woman who began this program as a vegetarian and had, ahem, the same issue I am having. I have been a vegetarian for the past year, so my body is not at all used to eating meat and not eating fermented soy and tons of bean-ey veg things. I am not sure why I totally didn't take that into account while puzzling over my digestion. Ok, so no chia. Day 12 Today I fantasized about toast with a pool of melted butter, but I ate an epic bar instead and a small glass of kombucha as my pre-cooking dinner after a long day at work and picking up the baby from day care snack and felt great after that. Good feelings. No post-work-pre-dinner toast required. Gotta remember that. Toast is not required for my body to be happy Breakthrough day! Get outta here, toast.
  10. Day 11 Today was a trying day, but I made it. I hadn't done any food prep, but survived on some quick bone broth with an egg and some mushrooms dropped into it, some avocado, and some strawberries with hazelnut Nut Pods Creamer dumped over it. It was actually really freaking good, but sorta lacking in the roughage department! I made a huge pan of asparagus, broccoli, and tomato to much on with my meals over the past two days, but so far those greens aren't working any magic. The pipes are feeling a bit sluggish, if I am totally honest. I know I need more leafies and berries and water. Things have just been really busy and it is hard to keep up at this moment. Seem to have lost my footing a bit.... ah, this schedule is whack and cooking is hard each day, but I am determined to get it back. I am sick today, which doesn't help matters, but I still feel a lot less toxic than when I started this thing and even though I am feeling a bit bloated for the first time since the start, my pants are still fitting better than they were and I still have more energy than I did before, so I am focusing on that. Goal for tomorrow is to look up more breakfast recipes (need to get some chia seeds for chia pudding), and just eat a giant salad and drink a bin of water and berries. Also to cook something proper... Day 10 and 11, hardest days of W30 officially behind me. Craving a little ice cream? Yeah. I kind of am, but it took me 11 days and I am impresses AF by that!
  11. Day 9: Today I came home from a full day of classes and meetings with classmates, tired and starving. I blended a banana with some blueberries and almond milk to quell the hunger beast before I had to break out the veggies for tacos for the fam (no shells for me). I wanted to kill all the things. TODAY was kill all the things day. Day 9 and 10 are supposed to be the days one is most likely to quit the W30 and I felt that. Just one slice of bread... Just one mouthful of chocolate chips... just one drink of whiskey cocktail... just one whole freaking cherry pie! Kill all the things. I also felt all farty for the first time in 8ish days and I think it might be because I ate a bunch of berries right before my main lunch dish today... fruit trapped in the gut behind starchy veg=fartastic afternoon. Eat your fruit separately, folks. I did not prep food for tomorrow yet and I am behind with my grocery shopping for day two of the "two hardest days", so we will see how that goes! Also, proctoring state testing for Oregon seniors as part of their graduation requirements. I expect a train wreck of a day, but perhaps it will make for a more eventful journal post. At least my skin looks great ( a noticeable upgrade in quality) and my pants are still fitting better. Starting to be able to feel and sort of see more of the muscle I know has been hiding under the puff for the past several months. One of my kiddos pointed it out yesterday. Still didn't drink more water...
  12. TeeAycherson

    Having a hard time with this much animal protein

    Anything by the author of the Nom Nom Paleo books/blog is delicious and doesn't feel like slogging through chewing endless hunks of meat. Fire up your computer and your slow cooker and get ready to cooks some tasty things! W30 can be super delicious and diverse if you keep looking at what folks are doing and sharing! Good luck! @SLRudd @egknapp
  13. Day 8: Today I had planned to go to the pumpkin patch with my four kiddos and husband, when I suddenly realized that I am doing a Whole 30 and that I would not be able to eat apple cider donuts, drink cocoa, and follow up it up with their fresh, hand-cut fries and a candy apple and I was like, "Hold the phu#%ing phone. I am not going." Food. I love food. I love eating. I love food as experience. But it is so enlightening to for me to see just how attached I am to certain (unhealthful) foods in particular situations or when feeling certain feelings. A lot of the feelings based attachments, this time around, have been easy for me to spot, give a nod to, and will my way past, but the food things that are tied to "place" and experience, that I feel give a certain situation half its value are harder make changes around. I finally deemed my "eff going to the p. patch" choice silly, but when I went to rally the fam (three teens and a preschooler), no one even wanted to go! And then I was bummed.. a little, but also a little relieved The compromise? We all go out for pastries at our fave bakery and DRAW pumpkins. What the ?! Normally, this would have been a golden suggestion from my husband, but freaking really?! To this, I responded, "The dog and I will meet you there." and the dog and I RAN to the bakery and I brought my own Whole 30 approved Nut Pods hazelnut coconut creamer to put into my coffee because eff if I was going to miss out on some pumpkin themed action in October (my fave) because I can't have a sugar soaked piece of bread. And drawing pumpkins with my whole family was awesome. Just awesome. I am a graduate student and my kids are 14, 14, and 18. We never sit down together outside of dinner time, so this day was more of a treat than I could have realized going in. Definitely one of the best times at a bakery I have ever had and I didn't even eat anything. See friends (me)? You can still have fun without the sugar bun and alcohol (ahem... me. I am talking to you, me.). Day 8 W30 timeline suggests that maybe bloating will be making my pants fit more snugly at this point. I think that is not happening for me this time around because I ate a pretty healthful vegetarian diet before starting this journey and so the only shock to the system is the removal of the sugary treats each afternoon and the onslaught of cheese everyday I cooked dinner. Also wine and old fashioneds... those are gone, too. But fruits and veggies were there and not much processed food. One 'rule' I am tempted to break is the scale rule, but we'll see. I kind of loved the surprise of how much weight came off last time and I kind of like not being motivated (aware or not) by any numbers on a scale. Hmmm. So there... I just processed myself out of breaking that rule. Anywhoooo.... Physical things check-in: I felt most energetic on my run to the bakery and I am currently basking in the delayed onset muscle aches from yesterday's barre work out. Feeling so, so much better than I was nine days ago and abstaining from my husband's birthday cake, the pumpkin patch pitfalls, and the bakery's bounty is a tiny, tiny price to pay for feeling this way. Also, still no fart parade at night/bloating during the day (so much yes!) and under eye bags are still diminished (also sweet). I have not EVEN been drinking enough water though. At least my fruit, veg, kombucha, and tea consumption is higher. Goal for improvement: more leafy greens, more water going down this hatch.
  14. Day 7: Today I woke up feeling pretty well rested and not hungry. Which is weird because I always wake up hungry. I had my usual breakfast of root veggie mix, eggs, and avo, along with extra fresh fruit and veg today to "try" and balance out all the roots I have been indulging in. I treated myself to an almond milk latte (yes, compliant milk) and was not hungry again until after my Barre3 class ended at 2pm. During that barre class (I go 2-3 times per week and have been for the past year and a half or so), I felt pretty amazing. I still had to take breaks, but not nearly as much as I have had during the past month or so. One reason I knew I had to do this W30, was that, despite my regular barre-ing (that sh#$ is no joke) I was beginning to feel weaker, not so good in class, and my yoga pants were expanding in all the wrong places. I think the lack of sleep and the sugar and dairy overdoses (chocolate and cheese!) were just poisoning the life out of me. Today I felt fu#%$ng on fire and it is no coincidence. Also, I could be imagining that the muffin top was not trying to escape its spandex prison today, but probably not. It's day 7 and something great is going on inside this body. I read on a W30 blog the other day that food boredom was a serious issue on this thing... it was hard not to reply, "you're doing it wrong then" because I made some bomb Tom Kha soup tonight and cravings continue to bother me in blips. They come and then they instantly go. Intense little blips, but blips nonetheless. Oh wait: I do think that I want to be careful of my new attachment to almond butter. I think I may be using it like candy and so I am going to watch that. It is a great, quick snack in a pinch, but I had way too many spoonfuls today. One. Week. Down. No. Problem.
  15. Day 6: It is Friday night. I am a graduate student. I am a teacher. I am a toddler and teenager mom. I complied today. I am tired. Yay moment of the day: I love, love, love roasted root vegetables topped with eggs and covered in avocado and hot sauce.... and I ate that for three (out of five) meals today.