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  1. Hi, I just posted elsewhere on this forum before finding this fibromyalgia thread. Have any of you FMS folks experienced significant joint pain and myofascial pain after reintroducing dairy?
  2. Update! I finished my Whole30 and felt pretty good during it after starting a probiotic. I lost 5 LBs which is great for me! I reintroduced oatmeal first, then wine, both with no problems. Then milk in my coffee and then had ricotta cheese in 3 stuffed shells over TGiving weekend. Not sure if it’s related, but I had serious arthritis and fibromyalgia pain in my knees and hips. The weather was bad too, I REALLY felt the change in barometric pressure as storms rolled in. Now I’m just having milk in my coffee, and experiencing lots of gas and bloating. My next action: eliminate the milk for a few days and try yogurt. If I have trouble with that, I may just have to leave dairy out of my life for good. Any other people having similar reactions to reintroduction of dairy? Arthritis and fibromyalgia issues?
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I want to keep with W30. Will try adding more fats including fish oil supplement. I already drink lots of water but will start measuring more carefully. Yogurt will be my first add back on day 31.
  4. Anyone doing Whole30 with probiotic supplements? Or better, whole30 with plain Greek yogurt only? Reason I ask...I’m R1D9 and I’m having trouble with all the meat, am constipated and very bloated / got gas. I’m coming off a year of no meat, can’t eat beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale due to gas/intestinal issues and no spinach /high oxalate foods due to kidney stones. My go-to protein sources prior to whole30 were plain Greek yogurt, low fat cheese, nuts, quinoa and low fat milk. Im trying whole30 to mainly eliminate sugar, wine and dairy to see if my fibromyalgia pain and migraines improve. So far, just gassy and constipated! I’m thinking of adding in Greek yogurt only, for probiotics and non-meat protein. Thoughts? Similar experience?