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    I am on day 29 and the headaches have been there (and really there) since day 5. I tried to troubleshoot with all I found on the forum, eating more, drinking (even) more water, although I don't think I can do more but I reached a gallon a day, adding more salt, eating more carbs, etc. But nothing worked. I lived through the Whole 30 with constant headaches and can't wait to find out which reintroduction will bring me back to normal!
  2. Catherine Diaz

    Day 11 - Hardest day

    Thank you Shannon for the advice! I will try these tricks out!
  3. Catherine Diaz

    Day 11 - Hardest day

    Good day! I am on day 11 today (first Whole 30) and I understand why this is marked as the hardest day. For me, the food was not really a challenge so far, I enjoy all the amazing recipe that the books have to offer. I love having a fridge full of fresh ingredients to pick from everyday, and I LOVE having a clean pantry! What I find hard, beside missing my glass of red wine at dinner, is the lack of sleeping, the hangover feeling, and my bad performance through my workouts. The first few days, I felt pumped and energize as soon as I would open my eyes, before the alarm went off. But since day 7, I spend my whole nights turning, I can't get out of bed in the morning, I wake up cranky, with a headache. The 5km I used to breeze through and enjoy in the morning now feels like I weight a 1000 kilos. And lifting as heavy as I am used to is not really possible either. I can't wait for the tiger blood that, according to my calendar, should be just around the corner! Tell me it is coming! :-)
  4. Catherine Diaz

    David's Teas - which ones are compliant?

    Good day!! Brining back this post to life; we are about to start the Whole30 and we LOVE David's tea. I was looking at the Organic Sweet Ginger Heat and the list of ingredients makes me confused : Ginger, green tea, licorice root, orange peel, rosehips, pink peppercorns. With natural ginger flavouring. Is this allowed? Thank you!!