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  1. Delphine

    Sugar OMG

    This is the clearest explanation I've found on this, thanks!
  2. Delphine

    Day 5--No Appetite

    This is happening to me as we speak. I am so grossed out by meat and veg right now. Hoping this passes for me as well
  3. Hi Gaileo, I'm still doing my first Whole 30 and I'm newish to Paleo so I can't really answer your question specifically. However, your issue sounds a lot like what I was going through when I first cut down on sugar years ago. I was ADDICTED. I would literally shake after every meal until I ate something super sugary. No surprise, I ended up with severe gyno and gastro issues. I started looking for answers and found I had yeast overgrowth in my gut. So, I cut down sugar. But it wasn't that simple. I sort of yo-yoed for years because the cravings were so intense. I eventually got over it, though, and so will you. I'm not totally sure, but it sort of sounds like you may have an overgrowth situation in your gut as well. They are nasty little things to kill. Be really proud of yourself because doing a Whole30 in that state is really, really, hard. Once you kill them off, however, things get a lot easier. If you can stick it out I would continue on and let your body repair itself.
  4. Delphine

    Anxiety and Insomnia

    Just wanted to say I'm on Day 10 now and my anxiety is much better. I'm not having insomnia as much as really vivid dreams and I'm tossing and turning a lot. Not so bad though. Now I just wish this fatigue would let up...
  5. I was just curious how you are feeling? Did you finish the Whole 30?
  6. Oh, I totally agree with this! I'm sure for some they are fine. But if you have a sensitive GI tract, as I do, green smoothies are not a good option. I would drink them and be so bloated I looked pregnant. They also had the very negative side effect of, erm..stopping me up. Cooked veggies are much easier to pass. At least for me.
  7. Delphine

    Anxiety and Insomnia

    Awesome, thanks for this. That's really good to hear. I skimmed about half of the thread (there are a lot of posts!) and I do see what you're saying. I'm actually already taking Natural Calm - I love it!
  8. Delphine

    Anxiety and Insomnia

    Huh, I didn't know weight lifting was ideal. Do you know why?
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone else has had the issue I'm currently having. I've searched the forums but haven't seen anything. I'm on Day 8 and I've actually seen a huge spike in my anxiety and insomnia. This has happened to me in past periods of strict grain-free and low-sugar diets. For instance, before the holidays I was doing great with my diet but was having anxiety attacks and plenty of 3-4 am wake ups. Around the holidays I started eating garbage again. I felt sluggish and my energy dropped, but my anxiety got way better and I was sleeping somewhat better, too. The way I see it is this: dairy, sugar and grains dull my underlying anxiety and when they're removed the effect is sharpened, kind of how you suddenly taste and smell better after the Whole 30. I'm not sure what to do about this. I don't currently exercise because of the above mentioned sluggishness, but I intend to start doing some yoga to slow my mind down and hopefully eat up some of that pent-up anxious energy. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it maybe just a detox symptom?
  10. Delphine

    Whole30 Fail - Not enough groceries

    I'm running into the same problem and I'm only on day 3. My ideas were to : 1) always have something going in the crock pot - like every day. It could be a stew, soup, stock or vegetable. Just something. 2) prep a recipe for double so I can freeze one for later. Also, I realized I needed more tupperware to hold everything!
  11. Delphine


    Thanks for this. I started the Whole 30 yesterday which happened to be on the first day of my period. I'm gonna get some sweet potatoes tonight!
  12. Delphine

    IUD and severe cramps

    I can't answer your question but I can empathize with you. I got my Paraguard on December 17th. The first month was horrendous -terrible cramps every day. I was so angry at how the doctors I spoke to prior downplayed the pain so dramatically. I started the Whole 30 yesterday which happened to coincide with the first day of my period and subsequently severe cramps. It was hard not to cheat. Anyway, I hope that you feel better soon. Looking forward to any other responses in this thread.
  13. Delphine

    Starting Jan 28th!

    I started today too! Unfortunately I started on the...ahem...wrong day of the month so the cravings are pretty bad. I'm really looking forward to all of these health benefits I keep reading about. My boyfriend enthusiastically agreed to do it with me so I'm happy to have some support. Good luck everyone