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  1. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    @ladyshanny Thank you! The timing was not prescribed, but I was told to drink it on an empty stomach. Is there a time that would be better for Whole30? (Before another meal, at bedtime...?)
  2. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    @ladyshanny - I should have mentioned that the juice (and Whole30!) are part of a protocol my functional doctor recently asked me to follow. I have nutrient absorption issues and nutritional deficiencies, so the juice is an integral part of the plan. I can definitely wait on the coffee, though. If I still find that I’m not hungry in 4-5 hours, should I eat anyway or wait?
  3. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Not Hungry - Should I eat Anyway?

    I’m often not hungry 4-5 hours after my last meal. Should I eat anyway? I think I’m following the meal template pretty well - I’m using recipes from RealPlans and the Whole30 book, so while it’s not always easy to see if they follow the template perfectly, they should be close. A typical day looks something like this: Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in ghee with onion and half a large link of chicken sausage, or 1/6th of a quiche (sweet potato crust, 10 eggs, 1 pound of sausage or bacon, veggies, a scoop of ghee on top). Lunch: Salad with avocado dressing and 3-4 oz roasted chicken breast or leftovers from dinner. Dinner: A Whole30 or RealPlans recipe (examples: Whole30 Stuffed Peppers or on-plan meatballs in a veggie sauce with zoodles). I also start my morning with low glycemic green juice, 2 T ground flaxseed stirred into some unsweetened almond milk, and black coffee. (The coffee is occasionally mixed with cashew butter, coconut oil and collagen peptides for creaminess, but usually just black. If I do add these things, I scale back on the fat with breakfast.) I usually finish the juice and coffee both about an hour before breakfast.
  4. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Starting 29th and scared to death!!

    Is everyone ready for tomorrow?! I spent most of the day cleaning our the pantry and shopping for groceries. Doing a little mental preparation now. What’s everyone having for breakfast?
  5. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Bulletproof Coffee with Ghee?

    Can I have bulletproof coffee with ghee, or does this fall into the category of recreating foods with no brakes?
  6. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Starting 29th and scared to death!!

    You’ve got this, Linda!
  7. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Starting 29th and scared to death!!

    Linda, I’m starting on the 29th, too! I’m using Platejoy for meal planning. I was using it before Whole30 and found that if you choose paleo and gluten/dairy free in the settings, you can get Whole30-complaint recipes. It plans breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for you, and creates a grocery list you can use.
  8. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Kratom Tea

    Thank you! I read that in the book yesterday and wondered if the same principle would apply, but kratom is so much different I just wasn’t sure if it made sense to draw the same conclusion. It definitely doesn’t come with the munchies marijuana causes, but it is psychoactive (although not in the same way and, in my experience, to a much lesser degree).
  9. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Starting Oct 29

    Hi! I’m starting my first Whole30 Monday, October 29th. I know this goes against the book’s advice to avoid doing the program during the holidays, but I have been feeling horrible for months (maybe years), and just had my first visit with a functional medicine doctor a few weeks ago. Among other things, she suggested doing a round of Whole30 to see which foods are triggering me. I don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to feel better, so here goes!
  10. AliceInAutoimmuneland

    Kratom Tea

    Can I have kratom tea during Whole30? It is legal in my state, and I use it in small amounts for joint pain and anxiety. I’ve searched the forum and can’t find any posts where this topic is addressed.