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    Best salad dressing!

    Now, I never follow recipes when cooking (baking is another matter). I'm a, a little of this, a little of that type girl. That being said I will read a bunch of recipes and take ideas from each one and do what I want. This recipe was my inspiration for this weeks lunches. I did my own thing with the steak, just s&p with ghee cooked rare so when I heated it up I wouldn't over cook it. For the salad I did some romaine, broccoli slaw, green onion, while onion, banana shallots, watermelon radishes, daikon radishes, mint, cucumber, and orange bell peppers. I honestly thought it was going to be too much spiciness. But I was never so happy to be wrong! Now the remarkable part of this is the dressing! I used her recipe as a guide, I pulverized 4 deseeded chili peppers (I don't remember what kind, whatever they had at whole foods that day, serrano's?), and a whole head of garlic in my food processor. I then added a whole bottle of coconut aminos and the neck of my bottle of red boat fish sauce, 4 tablespoons? I just know there was probably half an inch of the fish sauce visible over the label and it was the smaller bottle. I mixed it and squeezed in 2 limes. I then put it in my pan I cooked the steak in, I did this right after I pulled the steak so it was still wicked hot and it deglazed the pan getting up all the good bits of the steak. At this point I tasted and added a splash of rice wine vinegar for some acid. Once it had incorporated and simmered for just over a minute I took it off and poured it into my aminos bottle and a few smaller containers for traveling. At this point I squeezed a little lime juice in each container, a whole one in the bottle. I'll tell you what. I would use this dressing every day. I think I also sprinkled in some chili pepper flakes while it simmered if I remember properly. Moral of the story, check out this recipe and do what you want with it, just taste as you go and you cannot go wrong. Be confident yet cautious in the adding of more fish sauce or aminos as you go. Sprinkle, stir, taste.
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    On day 11!

    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and my husband Justin and I started Whole30 on Oct 15th. Yesterday was HARD! Up until yesterday I'd been picking on him for having such a hard time because he had more vices than I did: living on Diet Coke, eating dessert EVERY night, etc. Then I stumbled into yesterday, my breakfast wasn't doing it for me, lunch wasn't enough food, dinner was unsatisfying and I was bartending at my second job last night... damn did those beers look good. I FINALLY understood his cravings. I was yearning for those tater tots my customers were eating. I forgot my compliant mayo at home and was so angry that I couldn't use the "perfectly good" 5 gallon bucket of mayo that was in the fridge at work, like I was so mad at that mayo. But I stayed strong, not a tot entered past my lips, I ate my protein dry and dealt with it. When I got home and told my husband I'd had a tough one he, being just as supportive as I, said now you know how it feels. lol, oh what nice people we are! Then he proceeds to say he has learned an appreciation for eating well and not living on chicken wings, pizza, and ice cream and that we should stop doing the diet and just pay more attention to what we are eating. I told him absolutely not, we can do it! We are so close! And then this morning came around. My eggs have left me starving and I was so exhausted I slept in and didn't have time to prepare anything else this morning.... so here I am. Drinking my coffee pretending I'm writing an important email (hope my boss isn't on here!) and looking for support. Thank god I found it. Also thank god I told everyone and their brother that Justin and I were doing the Whole30 so now the thought of the shame I would feel when someone says "Wait, I thought you were doing the Whole30?" as I eat tater tots smothered in that 5 gallon bucket of mayonnaise, would be even worse than the feeling in my stomach after I was done eating them. So, thank you all for being here, today and tomorrow are going to be tough, but I'm tougher!
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    On day 11!

    Holy smokes! One week left! This time next week I'll be waiting to get out of work and go have a Poke Bowl between jobs! And a drink after work. Things have been going really smooth for me, though, I will continue making my breakfast and lunch, at least 4 days out of the work week. I have also discovered I don't NEED a carb or starch with every meal. Pasta and rice were among my "I could never give up" items, I miss rice more incase you were wondering. Cheese is another thing I thought I would miss and crave so much more than I do! We even went to a wedding this past Saturday and there was plenty for us to eat as the couple lives a whole30 friendly lifestyle, but I was shocked at how easy is was to pass on the meats and cheeses and booze. The sushi was the hardest to pass on if I'm honest. I have still been getting a little of an upset stomach at times, but I think I've narrowed it down to Avocado or too much fiber. That's my goal to figure out in this final week. Fingers crossed it is too much fiber. I'm going to test this by eating a whole avocado with dinner Friday and no other salad or veg. I know a whole avocado in my salad at lunch leads to extra time in the bathroom at work. My husband has also been doing well, though not a true whole30. He is a smoker and that takes a personal decision to quit. Also, he is a chef and mussel memory to taste food while cooking is a very hard one to break. (I've had to have other people try the cocktails I've made at work and caught myself about to try them a few times too.) I don't hold those tastes against him though because the major thing is he hasn't had a diverticulitis flair up so I know he hasn't been intentionally cheating. It is beer week in Portland this week and that has been hard to ignore. All these tasty draft only limited releases I can't have. But there is always next time. One week left! I've got to say it has become habit, and I hope most of the habits stick around.
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    On day 11!

    @MichelleCA I'm definitely not getting enough food at breakfast. This weekend I'm going to make some sausage patties and start doing a "breakfast salad" with roasted veg of some sort, carrots, brussels, broccoli, and zucchini are all ones that come to mind, and top it all with a couple eggs. I will defiantly be upping my breakfast game this week! Thanks for the advice on where to head with it. I've made some great food for my lunches, last week I did a spicy chicken soup with coconut milk and this week we did sheppard's pie. Even my picky husband has been enjoying lunch. I bartend two nights a week, after my day job, and those have been the hardest because they are back to back and I don't have time to really put something together for my Thursday nights. But we are getting there and as long as I can remember to grab my food on the way out the door we are in a good place. Now tomorrow will be interesting... I'm bartending a wedding out in the middle of nowhere. Leave the house at 10am not home till 1 or 2 am... I have jerky that's compliant and I'll bring something perishable for lunch. I'll have to find some nut butter or something to bring with me for the rest of the night. Not ideal but better than eating the pizza or cheese plate or chicken and waffles we are doing for the catering. Congrats on going right back into a second 30 days. That's some commitment there!