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  1. Brookie53

    Constipation and bloating

    Thank you!!
  2. Brookie53

    Constipation and bloating

    So for instance yesterday breakfast - 2 eggs fried, 1/2 avocado, raspberries lunch - traditional protein salad dinner - out of the NEWWW cookbook, pork salad with cilantro-lime dressing. Apple i made this basic mayo myself so it’s ok. And I drink water all day long!
  3. I lost 60 lbs over 3 years ago on the NutriMost program then moved to a Paleo lifestyle. So I’ve maintained for 3.5 years but have more to go. My daughter is on round 2 of Whole30 and is down 30 lbs!! Wootwoot. I, however, am struggling. I have been 100% on program. No cheats at all. I read labels the whole bit. I suffered no initial trouble like headaches etc since I’ve really been eating this way for years. I have given up all alcohol and Stevia. Why am I so very very VERY constipated? I wake up every morning with sausage fingers too. My salt intake is no different. I don’t feel like this is benefiting me. Am I doing something wrong?