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  1. I totally agree with you, the holidays and being home kind of "ruined" it and I feel absolutely awful. I'm trying to change my viewpoint (i.e. good vs bad days), but it's so hard not to see things as extremes! I also 100% agree that no sugar/bread is way harder this time around. It's crazy, there's nothing different between right now and when I was on Whole30, other than apparently my willpower. I'm trying to eat as Whole30 clean as I can, allowing myself red wine, and doing my best not to beat myself up if I indulge in something (a sweet treat or dairy) but it's such a slippery slope. How muc
  2. Hey everyone, I just completed my first Whole 30 and lost quite a bit of weight while on the program. After going off, I did indulge in alcohol, dairy, sugar, etc. as I was home visiting family, and gained at least half of the weight back. My biggest motivation for going into Whole30 was to establish a healthy relationship with food. I always tend to see things as good or bad and if a ate a "bad" food I would let it ruin my day. Luckily on Whole30 eating whatever I wanted (but all healthy food) helped me stop trying to restrict myself so much. Now reintroducing things back into "normal" life I