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    @RandiW, we sound very I'll share my thoughts and experience.
    I'm generalizing please accept my simplified explanation of "addiction".
    For me...sugary treats and processed grain products are an "addiction" much like alcohol or drugs for other people.  An alcoholic or drug addict may not be capable of moderation...therefore, complete avoidance is the best option for them.  When I have tried to have sweets or processed grain products in moderation it almost always leads to adding in more and more until it has become a daily habit.  Sometimes it has sneaked up on me and other times leads to a one-time binge that then leads to weeks of feeling crappy.  Consumption of these types of things makes me feel "funky"...for me it's a combination of depression, low self esteem, less patience, and easily annoyed.  
    What has worked for me in the past is eating Whole30ish, plus rice, legumes, added sugar in salad dressings and sausages, but NO treats or processed grain products unless it's a REALLY special occasion and/or the item is REALLY special.  I need to remind myself that Nothing Bundt Cakes ARE. NOT. SPECIAL. (anymore)
    Hopefully this helps.
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    Hey everyone, I just completed my first Whole 30 and lost quite a bit of weight while on the program. After going off, I did indulge in alcohol, dairy, sugar, etc. as I was home visiting family, and gained at least half of the weight back. My biggest motivation for going into Whole30 was to establish a healthy relationship with food. I always tend to see things as good or bad and if a ate a "bad" food I would let it ruin my day. Luckily on Whole30 eating whatever I wanted (but all healthy food) helped me stop trying to restrict myself so much. Now reintroducing things back into "normal" life I find that I'm letting one glass of wine, or a small piece of dark chocolate completely ruin my day/mood...I really want to still have a social life and not be as restrictive as I was on W30, but I'm struggling striking that balance and focusing too much on weight as an accomplishment...any ideas?!